Labin Art Republic 1.7. - 31.8.

This year a traditional cultural event Labin Art Republic brings fun for everyone. After the opening ceremony and laser show, the legendary Croatian rock group Atomsko sklonište will perform a concert after midnight. On July 6th Labin Jazz 6th Republic presents a treat with superb jazz musicians Tamara Obrovac and Matija Dedić, and a rising 19-year Labin songwriter star Dina Rizvić. Classical music fans will enjoy a rich program of Labin Classical Summer evenings including Renaissance music performed by Marco Polo ensemble and a concert "From Verdi to Wagner" by dramatic soprano Ester Pilj accompanied by the pianist Ivan Pernicki. Don't miss the sixth "Susret klapa" (Male and female groups singing a cappella) in Labin. Let your children enjoy the play "Beware of the Bees", while you see a hit play Style Exercises. Smile all day long during Pan? Labin stand-up comedy festival which takes place on July 19th-21st kod "špine". (open space area near the museum) in the old town.
Download the complete program of Labin Art Republic: www.rabac-labin.com/en/17-events

Old town night tour

As part of Labin Art Republic program enjoy a free tour around the old town of Labin every Tuesday night. Meet the turbulent past of one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Croatia through the story of Sentona goddess - the patroness of travelers, learn everything about the exciting life of a famous reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus and discover the secrets of local noblemen and the Uskoks. The tour begins at 9:30 PM in front of the Tourist info point in the old town, and ends in front of Art gallery Negri at 11 PM. The tour is organized with expert guidance in English, German and Italian.
Start at 9:30 PM, Tourist info point, 10 Titov trg.
Admission free.

Nostromo's divine menu

Experience the combination of Rabac's maritime tradition and healthy authentic local dishes with a touch of summer breeze on the Nostromo restaurant terrace in Rabac. As of this season the original Sentona?s divine menu is offered in seven Labin and Rabac restaurants, including original flavors as our grandmothers used to cook. Mixed seafood starter with garlic and celery, fish fillet with Labin herbs (rosemary, sage and bay leaves), zucchini and eggplant with olive oil and garlic and roasted figs in honey are just some of the original and healthy delights that are waiting for you to sail through the maritime history of Rabac.
Nostromo Hotel and Restaurant, 7 Obala maršala Tita, 52221 Rabac, Info: +385 (0) 52 872 601, E-mail: info@nostromo.hr, www.nostromo.hr

Summer refreshment on springs trail

Along with the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, discover the benefits of water resources on the Divine springs trail. From Vru?ak and Bla?i?evo wells next to the large waterfall in Maslinica bay the trail will take you along the water cascades to the mysterious Negri's cave. The trail continues through Podvinje, once used as the main town garden up to the old town core with a stone well in Negri family palace and another well (known as ??terna? in the local dialect)on the terrace in the art studio of Vinko ?aina. While the wealthy aristocratic families built cistern for rainwater in the yards of their palaces, ordinary people brought water from the wells in wooden baskets (known as ?brente? in the local dialect). In order to preserve the sources of life and reduce the amount of plastic waste, we recommend that you bring your water in a vial braided rope glass bottle - a new original souvenir from Labin.
Distance: 3 km
Walking time: 2.5 hours
Download the new map of walking trails and paths at www.rabac-labin.com.
The map is also available at Labin Tourist Office, the Tourist Information Point and hotels.

Sentona's jewelry

The Spirit of Sentona is the name of a unique jewelry collection dedicated to Labin patron goddess of travelers. Handmade jewelry from olive wood, sea stones, copper, glass and leather carrying the spirit of ancient times in this region bears the signature of Patricio Frankovi? The beauty of centuries-old olive wood formed in the northern bura wind and the sun combined with copper ornaments and tenderness of white sea pebbles, will bring out the goddess in each woman. With its beauty and uniqueness this jewelry collection pays tribute to nature and tradition of Labin area. The Spirit of Sentona jewelry is available at Bio Sentona Well Massage & Beauty Center, Mediterranean Hotel, Rabac, mobile phone: +385 (0) 99 794 5868, +385 (0)91 118 4729, e-mail: biowell.sentona@hotmail.com
Patricio Frankovi?, Paco Custom Art, 166/2 Štrmac, Labin, mobile phone: +385 (0) 99 7301-440

Marine excursions with goddess Sentona

Sail into romantic summer nights in Rabac on the boat trip ?Sentona?s Magic Nights?. Embark on m/v Horizont Istra at the Rabac waterfront and sail to mystical bays and learn the story of the patroness of travelers, whose beauty of the sea whispers, and the local love customs. On the deck you will meet a girl, dressed in the original Sentona's dress, who will offer you with ravioli and krafi (local pastry usually filled with sweet topping) and let you scent laurel and lavender. Along with the night tour through the Kvarner Bay on a glass boat at the end of the trip you can expect a surprise and fireworks. After a memorable evening experience the daily trip with the goddess Sentona where you can try domestic Istrian specialties: cottage cheese, honey, olive oil and homemade fig brandy, and enjoy the view of playful dolphins.
M/v Horizont Istra departs from the waterfront in Rabac
Daily tours at 11 AM and 1 PM
Night tours at 9 PM
Invicta Travel agency, Obala Maršala Tita bb, Rabac, Info: +385 (0) 52880-240, Mobile: +385 (0) 98715-108, e-mail: invicta@pu.t-com.hr, www.divingcroatia.com