Labin Town Day- TBF and Marijan Ban live in concert 18. 8.

Join Labin Town Day celebration at the concert performed by Croatian entertainers TBF and Marijan Ban on the main square in the old town of Labin on August 18th at 9 PM. The traditional mountaineering expedition to Skitača on August 15th starting at 8 AM from the old town marks the beginning of this multi-day festival. The artistic program continues on August 17th with Transart 2012 Festival 'L.A.E. Forever' including installations, concerts and performances held in the old town on stage known as 'kod špine'. Traditionally, an open-air exhibition 'Uzlet labinske likovnosti' ('Labin Art Boom') is open in the town loggia, presenting recent works of the local artists. Alternatively, on the same day adventure fans can participate in the adventure race organized on Rabac beaches.

St. Florentius's Day in Kranjci village 16. 8.

On St. Rocco's Day enjoy the tradition of Labin village on a folk festival in a picturesque village of Kranjci situated 3 km from Labin. The tourist walking trail leads to the Romanesque church of St Florentius built in the mid 6th century on a hilltop. Besides St. Florentius, the church has two more patrons, St. Florian and St. Rocco. This fine example of Istrian Romanesque architecture is listed on the Croatian List of protected cultural goods with the valuable 6th century altar and braiding-style decorated altar plates. Have a glass of local wine and learn the legend of a treasure hidden beneath the church, visit the open-air collection of traditional tools and equipment and dance the folk dances listening to a traditional musical instrument known as sopele.
The feast starts at 5:30 PM.
How to get there: 3 km from Labin, follow the road from the old town to St. John?s cemetery and Koroma?no.
Trail length: 20 minutes from the village Kranjci.

Mexico in Labin

Feel the touch of the hot Mexican sounds in warm summer nights in Labin.

On August 7th at 9:30PM in parish church Labin Art Republic and Classic Summer present a mezzo-soprano Katja Markotić accompanied by the pianist Krešimir Popović who will perform selected pieces by the best Mexican authors.

The Mexican rock group Los Explosivos will present the explosive new Mexican rock at a concert on stage 'kod špine' in the old town on August 9th, starting at 9:30PM.

'Pleasure with Sentona' kayak excursions in Raša fjord

Experience the beauty of the Ra?a fjord on a original kayaking excursion 'Pleasure with Sentona'. Listen to the story of Sentona, the saint patroness of travellers, and maritime history of the Liburnians while enjoying the peace and natural beauty of the fjord. The excursion begins at Tunarica camping site (17 km from Labin) in sit-on-top kayaks suitable for two adults and a child. Kayaks have a watertight barrel for things. Paddling along the pine forest you?ll reach Porto gradac, an antique site located on a hill above the sea. The 45th north parallel crosses this location, where you can hear the story about pirates standing below the church of St. Agnes. The trip continues on wild beaches inaccessible from land with swimming followed with drinks and snacks and homemade cheese in olive oil. The ruins of a former mill near St.. Bla? and a walk through a brook that once powered the mill, will introduce you to the story of indigenous local dishes. After visiting an unusually formed mystical rock, the excursion ends with resting in the bay with healing mud.

The original trip marked Sentona quality lasts for 4 hours. Information and booking (required): Eler Dobri?, tel: +385 (0) 91 1779-241, e-mail:

The 40th Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium

Become a part of the unique moments of art and nature in the open-air gallery.

The jubilee 40th Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium takes place in the protected Dubrova Park of sculptures.

The representative collection of monumental sculpture park and interdisciplinary projects are created as a dedication to the beauty of the Istrian stone that fascinates with its constancy. Walk down the White Road and find the sections designed by artists Eugen Kokot and Ante Ra?i?, and see the sculptures created by the legendary Labin painter and sculptor Josip Diminić, one of the Symposium's founders.

The Symposium is open in August and September.

Admission free.

Sentona's sea delicacies

While you're exploring the old town of Labin on a hot summer day, have a rest and choose your lunch from Sentona's divine menu at Kvarner restaurant. Taste the local specialties on the terrace located on the top of town walls in the shade of chestnut trees. With a spectacular view overlooking Rabac, the Prklog bay and the Cres island, enjoy the fish delicacies prepared in a traditional way. Salted anchovies with sun-dried tomatoes and capers, fish soup, tagliatelle with fresh crab and fishermen?s potatoes will excite your taste buds with the taste of the rich Kvarner bay seafood offer. With the home-made wine from the Labin area and Negri?s extra virgin olive oil, the Barbi? family will make sure that you feel the atmosphere of the traditional family meal in Labin.

Kvarner Restaurant, ?etali?te San Marco bb, Labin, tel: +385(0)52 852-336,