Rejuvenation Goddess Wellness

Maslinica Hotels in Rabac offer an unforgettable pleasure of home made olive oil tasting in the surrounding of hundreds of olive trees in the most beautiful Rabac bay known as Maslinica. After discovering the best extra virgin olive oils made in Labin area, treat yourself with all the benefits of a long-lived olive tree through the Rejuvenation Goddess massage. Sentona brand at Mimosa Hotel wellness center brings relaxation in longevity massage with olive oil, local lavender and St John’s Wart essential oil. Feel rejuvenated and strengthened with additional face and scalp aroma relax massage and scented Sentona natural cosmetics.

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St Martin’s Day with San Martino

The tradition of wine making in the village of Sveti Martin near Labin dates back to the 19th century, and is nowadays best preserved by San Martino Vineyards, the largest winery in Labin area. Not only is Saint Martin the patron of winemakers and viticulturists, but he is also the saint patron of equestrians. Therefore, the San Martino wine label carries the stylized figure of a prancing horse. Along with Malvasia, Merlot, Teran and as of this year young Muscat, the Vretenar family carefully preserves and saves from extinction the old local varieties of grapevines. Enjoy St Martin’s Feast and the ceremony of young wine baptizing with the finest wines from Sveti Martin.

San Martino Vineyards, 105 Dubrova, Labin, Phone: +385(0)52 851 888, mobile: +385(0)98 981 5380, e-mail:,

Labin’s meat delicacies with tradition

The northern wind known as bura blowing towards the village of Crni on the south part of Labin’s peninsula is a gift from God used by Boris Valković and Dejvid Vodopivec at Bani prosciutto plant to make traditional Labin area meat delicacies. Following the local rural way of making prosciutto, sausages, pork loin and smoked bacon, Bani prosciutto plant claims its quality solely on meat grown on Istrian family farms and natural way of drying it in bura in this family-run prosciutto plant located next to the sea. On St Martin’s Feast, have a glass of local Malvasia and Teran and expand your gastronomic horizons with Bani prosciutto and olive spread, marked as Sentona original souvenir, as well as prosciutto, truffle and wild plant spread.

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Trail of Holy Women – St Catherine’s Day 25. 11.

Did you know that the season of olive picking used to start on November 25th, St Catherine’s Day, to whom one of the most beautiful Labin churches was dedicated. This makes November the perfect time to explore the Trail of Holy Women which includes the most significant and most beautiful churches and sacred art of Labin area. This trail will evoke a story on importance and influence of women in every day life in this area, who often seek comfort and spiritual help from their saint patronesses. St Catherine, the patroness of agricultural fruits and breast milk, was especially worshiped by the farm women and young mothers who used to go on a pilgrimage to St Catherine’s church in Sveti Martin, a village 10 km off Labin.

Trail of Holy Women with nine tour points is marked in Labin area trails and paths map. Map download available from:

Due Fratelli

On your way from Labin to Rabac head to Due Fratelli, a restaurant with the most spectacular view overlooking the old town of Labin. In November this long-time traditional family run place set in a natural ambience offers a rich variety of authentic meals from Sentona’s divine menu. Don’t miss pork loin (ombolo) with home made sausages and sauerkraut or ranger’s style steak with mushroom sauce and pancetta served with rosemary potato. End your dinner with house speciality-tasty pancakes filled with ricotta, honey, walnuts and olive oil, feeling the fullness of the original Labin area autumn flavours.

Due Fratelli Restaurant, 6 Montozi, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 853 577, mobile: +385 (0)98 366 498, (0)98 334 030, e-mail:,

Original Sentona pendants

Treat yourself with ever beautiful and joyful journeys where you’ll always be accompanied by the patroness of travellers- Labin’s goddess Sentona. The original wooden ethno pendant with a Sentona logo and sparrows after which Rabac was named (a sparrow in Croatian- vrabac), can always be with you and remind you of your happy vacation in Labin and Rabac. If you are an aromatherapy fan use this pendant as aroma pad with several drops of local lavender and rosemary essential oils, produced by Klaudio Faraguna and Ornelo Negri. Let the warm sea scents on original Sentona pendants heat the cloudy autumn days and evoke all benefits of Labin-Rabac divine destination.

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