New Year’s Night in Maslinica Hotels

If you have never welcomed the New Year by the sea, treat yourself with this unique event in Maslinica, the most beautiful bay in Rabac. From December 28th to January 3rd 2013 Maslinica Hotels & Resorts open their doors and offer New Year’s party with the best wines from Labin area, a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner with diverse meat and seafood delicacies, a large selection of cakes and of course the champagne. Bands will entertain the guests with various music performances at several locations in the resort and please musical tastes of all generations. After midnight head down to the nearby beach and follow the tradition-tell your best wishes for the 2013 to the sea.

Reservations: Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac bb, P.O. box 2, Rabac, tel: +385 (0) 52 884-150/170/172, e-mail:,

Labin’s Pasutice

Christmas and New Year holidays in Labin area are unthinkable without traditional pasutice served with cod fish. It was a custom for mothers and grandmas on Christmas Eve to prepare cod fish in the so-called white sauce and pasutice. Gastronomic combination of Rabac sea and hand made square shaped Istrian pasta-pasutice-will captivate you with the tastes of past and evoke family tradition of gathering around the fireplace with the best Malvasia from Labin area, San Martino from Sv. Martin and Calypsa Histria by Goran Baćac from Kukurini. Pasutice were made with cod fish brodetto (stew), and the fasting menu included, among the other, dried cod fish, cooked cabbage and invigorating winter lentil (soaked lentils with beans and broad breans). During winter these traditional Labin area dishes are available from:

Velo kafe Cafe and Restaurant , 12 Titov trg, Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 852-745, e-mail:
Kvarner Restaurant , Šetalište San Marco bb, Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 852-336,
Nostromo Hotel and Restaurant 7 Obala maršala Tita, Rabac, tel: +385 (0)52 872-601, e-mail:,
Due Fratelli Restaurant, 6 Montozi , Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 853 577, mob: +385 (0)98 366- 498, (0)98 334-030, e-mail:,
Pizzeria Napoli, 7 Tito Square, tel: + 385 (0)52 852-261,, e-mail:

St. Lucy's Trail - Skitača 13. 12.

Celebrate the feast of saint patroness of eyesight and eyes on a tourist St. Lucy’s trail on Skitača, situated on the southernmost peninsula of Labin. According to the legend St. Lucy has asked the residents of Skitača to build her the church in the village. They continued to postpone the construction claiming that there was a beautiful church of St. Lucy under construction in Venice. The evening came and the saint climbed upon a nearby hill, sat on a rock, cried, feeling sad and tired, and fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning beside her she saw a hole (školnica in the local dialect) filled with water, so she grabbed some water and washed her face. Since then, the water from školnica has never dried up, and numerous pilgrims and tourists visit the well of St. Lucy, enjoying the most spectacular panoramic views on the islands of Cres and Lošinj, Cape Kamenjak and mouth of the Raša River. On the other side of the village, five minutes walking distance from the mountain house you will come on Orlić (470 m) hilltop, offering the best views of Labin, Rabac, Mount Učka the whole of Kvarner bay. Once the feast of St. Lucy’s Day included a procession from the church to the well and the people singing songs dedicated to their patroness. The trail offers breathtaking winter sunrises and sunsets. The freshness of sea and mountain air will detox your body, and the energy of divine protection from St. Lucy will fill you with faith.

Sentona, the Dynamic Goddess

Look your best in the New Year’s Night and remain slim after heavy holiday meals with Atlantis D & N Fitness Center which continues to offer Bio well program Sentona’s original massage during winter season, and the new exercise program Dynamic woman. This whole body shape-up program takes only 45 min, and aims to shape to riskiest female body parts working in the muscles with your own weight. Along with the workout, the program includes special diet and tracking activity results. The total access ends in Sentona’s massages with home made essential oils in which Rabac visitors enjoyed this summer, and in colder days they are available from Atlantis D & N Fitness Center.
Atlantis D & N Fitness Center, 1 Rudarska (Pjacal), Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 492-974, mob: 099 794-5868, Opening wours: Mon-Fri: 9-12, 4:30-10:30 PM, Sat and Sun: 5-10 PM.

Christmas Baths

Let the warmth of Istrian sun keep you warm in winter days, and you body get regenerated with salt baths with natural essential oils of home grown lavender, rosemary, sage, laurel and cypress. Sentona Natural Cosmetics, available from Ornelo Negri in Nedešćina, offers you enjoyment in divine combination of Adriatic salt and calming scents from Labin’s lavender fields, rosemary from Rabac seafront promenades, womanly sage from Skitača hills and deep and fresh scents of magnificent laurel and cypress trees which dominate over the most beautiful Labin and Rabac views. Treat yourself with spa ritual in your own bathroom, and your skin will shine with the best that Labin area nature has to offer.
These salt baths are available from: Mimosa Hotel Wellness Center-Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, tel: +385 (0) 52 884-150/170/172, e-mail:,, Valamar Sanfior Wellness Studio, Reservation Center, tel: +385 (0) 52 465-200, e-mail:, and in Butega Souvenir Shop, Labin Old town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, mob: +385 (0)97 751-7782

Hand-made Christmas Gifts

Visit Labin on Advent weekend and find original hand-made Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Head to Butega Souvenir Shop near the central square in Labin Old town where you will find plenty of products created by Labin craftsmen. Choose from rustic hand-made ceramic tea pots and cups, ceramic aroma lamps and local natural essential oils, decorative champagne and wine glasses with Labin and Rabac motifs, Advent chandeliers and baskets decorated with Rabac shells, perfumed Advents bags with angles and decorative wooden champagne pads.
Butega Souvenir Shop, Labin Old town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, mob: +385 (0)97 751-7782. Opening hours: every day 9:30 AM – 7 PM.