Sentona in Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior

As part of Sentona tourist project the Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior**** in Rabac from April 2013 will be offering a number of new facilities. Along with now available Sentona goddess massages with local essential oils, a new Sentona lavender and wild fruit syrup cocktail will be served by the newly opened pool. Sentona’s divine menus, offering healthy local meals, have included new four unique menus with a rich variety of local bitter vegetables, such as savoy cabbage and fennel, lavender honey combined with homemade ricotta cheese, Kvarner bay sardine savor and Labin’s krafi dessert. As part of their active vacation in nature the guests will be able to enjoy ‘Sentona Day’ animation program. After hearing the fun story of Sentona goddess and her friends the children will take part in workshops and design jewelry and dresses using natural materials, as well as enjoy educational green walks and games on trails and walking paths in Rabac where they’ll learn about local wild plants, sea and fresh water heritage.

Fit Figure Divine Menus

Have a seat next to the traditional Istrian fireplace and take a look at number of culinary books arranged above it and enjoy the post-holiday atmosphere of Velo Kafe restaurant in the Old town of Labin. In case you’d exaggerated with holiday season calories, Sentona’s menu offers you healthy light meals to get your fit figure back. Sea bass fillet on a Savoy cabbage leaf served with lemon and basil, baby shrimps with zucchini and green gnocchi served with lamb’s lettuce and the finest local Negri extra virgin olive oil will bring vitality back to your body.
Velo Kafe Café and Restaurant, 12 Titov trg, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 852-745, e-mail: alvona@pu.t-com.hr

Art Served With Tea

If you’d like to enjoy art works in a new way, feeling relaxed sitting in your own living room and talking to an artist over a cup of hot tea, make sure you visit art studios of the young local artists Ivona Verbanac and Tea Bičić. In her studio located on the main road heading to the Olds town, right next to the chuch of Our Lady of Good Health, Ivona Verbanac, a graphic designer, painter, multimedia artist and performer, will introduce you with the power of Istrian sea depths from her cycle ‘Deep blue’. In the other, modernist style studio, occupied by Tea Bičić, you can enjoy the colorful paintings with tree motifs, exuding the peacefulness of the local landscape, entitled ‘Light Night’.
Art studio Ivona Verbanac, 8/1 A.Negri, Labin, e-mail: ivonaverbanac@yahoo.com, Mob: +385 (0)91 5197-333
Art studio Tea Bičić, 8/1 A.Negri, Labin, e-mail: tebicic@gmail.com, www.teabicic.info, Mob: +385 (0)91 738-2167

St. Vincent’s Day at Licul Wine Cellar

If you consider yourself to be a wine lover, you shouldn’t miss St. Vincent’s Day, the celebration of winegrowers’ patron, on January 22nd. Along with Kvarner and Velo Kafe restaurants in Old town of Labin serving the best wines from Labin area, the tradition of celebrating the beginning of vine vegetative cycle is also followed in Brgod, 9 km off Labin, at Dorijano Licul’s family farm wine cellar. The prominent winemaker, 2010 and 2011 Vinistra Merlot silver medal winner, will in a guided tour introduce you with traditional Malvasia, Merlot and Teron (local name for Teran), as well as Rosé special edition made of synonymous Labin area indigenous vine sort. Guided tours by appointment only.
Dorijano Licul Wine Cellar, 40 Brgod, Trget, Phone: +385 (0)52 875-063, Mob: +385 (0)91 1337-408

The Gold of Local Pastures

Only a few miles from the sea, on the Čepić field pastures protected by Mount Učka and Sisol hillsides, there is a Šahdanović family farm and their mini cheese dairy ‘Zlata’ where some of the Labin area finest types of cheese are produced. The location of mountain and sea climate joining creates unique grazing conditions for that special taste of dairy produce. Thanks to their quality and rich aroma Zlata’s homemade hard and semi-hard cow’s cheese are labeled as original edible Sentona’s souvenir. Along with the previously mentioned cheese, don’t forget to try the spicy cheese with pepper and herbs and especially delicious fresh cheese.

‘Zlata’ mini cheese dairy, Šahdanović family farm, 52232 Polje Čepić, Kršan, Mob: +385 (0)98 931-8548, (0)98 931-9516, e-mail: nermy05@hotmail.com


Sea and Glagolitsa Jewlery

Poets say that the sea writes on its shores using the waves. Eastern coast of Istria is one of the sea’s most beautifully written books. The ancient Croatian script Glagolitsa and rich underwater world of the Kvarner Bay are an endless source of inspiration for the handicraftsmen at A.R. crafts shop in Labin, where they make ceramic jewelry. Glagolitic script curved lines and gentle oval forms of the sea shells and winkles in their natural colors interweave in necklaces with relief prints of the underwater world, medallions with engraved Glagolitic letters and mini shell-shaped ceramic jewelry boxes.
Butega Souvenir Shop, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Old town Labin, Mob: +385 (0) 97 751-7782. Working hours: 9:30-7 PM, every day.