Dorina Restaurant Gastronomic Romance

A pinch of gastronomic aphrodisiac and lots of culinary passion are available from Dorina Restaurant in Plomin this February. Whether you’re in love or not, you won’t resist the romantic menu: 70% cocoa, walnuts or white chocolate truffles, home-made ravioli filled with four sorts of cheese gratinated with prosciutto and arugula and walnut sauce or spicy sauce chicken wrapped in crusty aromatic crumbs served with vegetables and grilled polenta. Make your Valentine’s Day even more special, head to Dorina Restaurant and order a specially designed meat or fish menu for two at affordable prices. Don’t forget to bring the key ingredient-love.
Restaurant Dorina, Plomin 54, Plomin, tel: + 385 (0)52 863-023, mob: +385 (0)91 286-3023, (0)91 568-4000, e-mail: restoran.dorina@gmail.com

Labin Carnival 9. and 12. 2.

For 31 years ‘Labinjonska kompanija, domoća folšarija’ carnival group preserves the carnival tradition in the Labin area. The carnival party starts after the Mayor of Labin hands over the town keys to its members. On February 9th the carnival parade ‘Labinjonski mimohod maškara’ starts at half past two from Kature and leads to Zelenice, followed by costumed dance party at Lamparna. After the children’s carnival on February 12th at 5 PM a man-like doll called ‘Krešimetić’, blamed for all the strife in the previous year, will be traditionally burned.

Adoral Hotel Special Offer

The adorable and elegant four star Adoral hotel in Rabac offers a unique 15% discount for advance payments throughout the whole year. One of the best boutique hotels in Croatia, located at the Lungomare waterfront, offers amazing modern clean shaped interior, warm Mediterranean colors and pleasant atmosphere of a family-run hotel. Adoral is a perfect place for a Valentine’s Day vacation, which could also include a walk around the Hidden Charms promenade along the most beautiful Istrian beaches. Filled with love and aromatic refreshing scents of rosemary and pine tree, you can take one of the two available routes: a) circle tour St.Andres-Prižnja-Girandella beach- Lanterna beach (5 km) or b) St.Andrea-Kosi village-St. Andrea (3 km).
Adoral Hotel, 2a Obala M.Tita, 52221 Rabac, tel: +385 (0)52 535-840, www.adoral-hotel.com, e-mail: adoral@adoral.hr

Labin Old Town Love Magic

Back in the ancient times, the bachelors from Labin used to buy engagement rings for their girlfriends from the traveling jewelers down the town loggia. You’ll fell the romance at first sight once you visit Labin Old town. Noblemen’s palaces, narrow picturesque streets, breathtaking views from the old town walls overlooking the sea and Istrian hinterland will lead you into the mystery of ancient times. Labin’s romance and beauty are evoked in the local goddess Sentona-the patroness of travellers, whose votive monuments can be seen in the ground floor of Labin National Museum, situated in Battiala-Lazzarini palace. After your sightseeing tour head to Velo kafe restaurant and try a unique eatable souvenir from Labin- Sentona’s cake made of local figs and curd cheese. And maybe you could try bursting your love passion into flame with a perfumed bath for two from Sentona’s natural cosmetics line made with local essential oils and natural Labin area soaps available from Butega souvenir shop next to the main square.
Labin National Museum, 6 1.svibnja, Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 852-477. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7-14.
Velo kafe, 12 Titov trg, Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 852-745
Butega souvenir shop, 1 Paolo Sfeci, mob: +385 (0)97 751-7782. Open every day 9:30-19.

The Passion of Saffron from Nedešćina

Did you know that one of the highest quality sorts of saffron in the world comes from Labin area? In the village of Klapčići in Nedešćina the Candotti family in their grandparents’ estate produces this old, seductive and gentle spice which originates from the ancient Persia. Istrian saffron-Suavis, in an interesting waggish packing will leave you enchanted with the scent and aphrodisiac act. Saffron is world’s most expensive spice since it blooms once a year for two weeks only, and it takes 140 flowers’ pistils to dry in order to get one gram of spice. The location 300 m above the sea level and specific local climate conditions at Nedešćina plateau create ideal conditions for purple fields of saffron. Try it combined with fried prawns on rice at Dorina Restaurant in Plomin, and fill your home supplies for romantic dinners at Butega souvenir shop.
Suavis farm, 16 Klapčići, 52231 Nedešćina, tel: +385 (0)52 865-313, mob: +385 (0)99 798-7056, www.suavis.hr, e-mail: info@suavis.hr