Easter Concert in Rabac 31. 3.

Feel the tradition of Easter holiday in Rabac in the 15th century church of St. Andrew, located on the promenade below Miramar and Allegro hotels. After the holy mass follow the fresh rosemary scents and enjoy the walk to the waterfront in Rabac, where the traditional Easter concert by Labin Brass Orchestra and klapa (a group of male singers singing a cappella) Labin starts at 1 PM.


Dream Wedding at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior

The newly renovated Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior surrounded by white pebble beach offers the perfect setting for the most beautiful day of your life. Romantic interior of the hotel, a hall overlooking the sea and the kind staff who will prepare wedding menus and welcome drink according to your wishes, will make your dream wedding real. Choose the most romantic wedding location: church wedding at 15th church of St. Andrew near the sea or Labin old town, civil ceremony at the hotel lobby or by the outside pool, on the beach or the wedding ceremony on the hotel’s restaurant terrace overlooking the sea (max. 70 people). Info and reservation from:
Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior ****, Phone: +385 0(52) 862-220, e-mail:

Vitality Breakfast at Hotel Narcis-Rabac

Step into spring feeling vital and powerful with a traditional Rabac breakfast made of local ingredients for your body balance. Try the newly offered healthy Sentona’s menus at the renovated Hotel Narcis ****. Enjoy the figs rich with magnesium for a good digestion, oat flakes and oat meal for strength, fresh cottage cheese with home- made whole wheat and corn bread, refreshing and relaxing home-made mint and chamomile tea, raisins – a source providing iron and sun warmth from the local vineyards, dried apricots, apples and prunes giving you minerals and natural fibers and a soothing acacia honey.
Hotel Narcis ****, Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Phone: +385 0(52) 884-150, 884-170, 884-172, e-mail:,

Visionaries from Labin

Get to know Labin old town through the stories on Labin’s world famous visionaries. The Memorial collection located at the Franković Palace will introduce you with the exciting life of a Lutheran reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus (March 3rd 1520, Labin-March 11th 1575, Frankfurt am Mein). Have a look at copies of his most famous works The Magdeburg Centuries (an ecclesiastical history divided into thirteen centuries) and Clavis scripturae sacrae. After that visit the picturesque village of Sv. Martin and near-by Županići, home to a physicist and mathematician Josip Belušić (March 12th 1847, Županići- ?), the inventor of an electric speedometer (the velocimeter) used in vehicles, airplanes and vessels.
Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Labin Museum, 6 1.svibnja St., Phone: +385 0(52) 852-477, e-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 7-2 PM.

Labin Republic

The strike and self-government of the miners from Labin area that was functioning only for a month, from March 2nd to April 8th 1921 was one of the first riots against fascism in Europe. Therefore the people of Labin proudly celebrate the anniversary of miners’ fight for their workers’ and human rights. Don’t miss the 150 m long mine corridor open for visitors on the ground floor at a baroque palace housing the Labin Museum.
Labin Museum, 6 1.svibnja St., Phone: +385 0(52) 852-477, e-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 7-2 PM.

Spring Start on Divine Springs Trail

Spend the first day of spring on the Divine Springs Trail leading from Rabac to Labin old town. Water is the source of life, and these springs used to be the center of life for the local people. The Šćurak spring situated in Podvinje below the city walls was the main spring, surrounded by large urban garden where the women used to bring water in heavy tanks called brente. Wealthy families had the wells (known as šterne) built to collect rainwater inside the courtyards of their palaces. The tradition in the village of Kranjci says that the bride on her wedding day takes the tank –brenta and goes to the spring where the best man would help her to fill the tank while the guests throw in money for a prosperous marriage. Visiting points: Vrućak and Blažićevo springs (next to the big waterfall on Rabac-Labin trail), a fountain (San Marco promenade), Negri family well at Palazzo Negri (Art gastro gallery) - a well at Giuseppina Martinuzzi St. - a well in the courtyard of Scampicchio palace- a well on the terrace in Vinko Šaina’s art studio- a well on the plateau at Paolo Sfeci St. (behind the City Hall). Trail length: 3 km. Walking time: 2.5 h.