Hotel Casa Valamar Sanfior**** Rabac Opening

As of this spring the guests in Rabac can enjoy in the newly renovated Hotel Casa Valamar Sanfior****. With a contemporary interior design, more spacious rooms with sea views, heated outdoor swimming pool with water effects and a large sun deck and many other amenities, Casa Valamar Sanfior provides numerous new and interesting contents that are all part of Labin’s tourist brand Sentona. After 90 minute Sentona's energy wellness massage with homemade essential oils enjoy Sentona’s divine menus and taste some of the richness of the local bitter vegetables, such as savoy cabbage or fennel, lavender honey combined with homemade ricotta cheese and Kvarner sardines savor and Labin’s krafi (homemade ravioli with sweet filling). Relax by the pool with views of the islands of Cres and Lošinj and try a delicious and seductive purple digestive cocktail Sentona with lavender and wild fruit syrup. With the new hotel gym and active vacation in the countryside, guests will be able to enjoy specially designed animation program "Sentona day." Through a fun story about the goddess Sentona and her friends, children will participate in workshops making jewelry and dresses made of natural materials and educational ecological walks and games on divine paths and walkways in Rabac where they will learn about the local wild herbs, sea and fresh water life.
Hotel & Casa Sanfior**** Valamar Rabac, tel: + 385 0 (52) 862-220, e-mail: valamarsanfior@riviera.hr , www.valamar.com / en / hotels-rabac / valamar-Sanfior-hotel
Massage Studio Hotel & Casa Sanfior **** Valamar Rabac, tel: +385 (0)52 465-000, mob: +385 (0)98 938-9367

'In the Arms of the Goddess Sentona' Wellness Maslinica hotels Rabac

Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience with seven new wellness treatments, 'In the Arms of the Goddess Sentona' in Maslinica hotels in Rabac. Follow Labin’s goddess patroness of travellers, relax and discover the magic of the local homemade essential oils of lavender, sage, laurel and rosemary, almond and olive oil and aromatic mineral baths. Awaken the spring in yourself and remove fatigue with Awakening Goddess exfoliating massage with sage. Relax with Goddess in Balance antidepressant massage with lavender, Aroma Relax Goddess massage for tired muscles and feet with sage or Power Goddess - anti-stress massage with laurel to stimulate lymph flow. Choose the treatment that suits you best from the new wellness info map and flyers which you will find in your room and at the hotel reception.
Wellness Center Hotel Mimosa Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, tel: +385 0 (52) 884-150, 884-170, 884-172, e-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com, www.maslinica-rabac.com

Long Walk Day 27. 4.

If you enjoy trekking and mountaineering don’t miss this year traditional Long Walk Day on Labin mountaineering path from Brseč to Skitača. The stunning nature of the eastern coast of Istrian peninsula calls for you to awaken spring in a pleasant friendly and fun atmosphere. Enjoy the most beautiful hiking trails from the top of Sisol, situated in the south end of mount Učka, just above Brseč village, to Skitača at the south of Labin peninsula. After enjoying the sea blue and unforgettable views of the islands of Cres and Lošinj, relax at the finishing point on Skitača in a cheerful atmosphere in one of the most beautiful mountaineering houses in Croatia, led by the trekking organizer, mountaineering association Skitaci from Labin.
Route map and contacts: www.skitaci.com, e-mail: pd.skitaci @ pu.t-com.hr, mob: +385 (0)91 5437-697, 091 5024-486

Sentona's Spring Menu at Rogočana Tavern

After a walk on St. Florentius’ trail delight your palate with one of two original Sentona’s menus offered at Rogočana tavern in Rogočana village near the trail. To clean the body and invigorate the first spring walks we recommend maneštra (homemade minestrone soup) with beans and barley, fuži (homemade pasta) with pork ribs and asparagus sauce, dandelion and egg salad and sweet fried krafi (homemade ravioli with sweet filling) with sage honey topping. The second menu includes rock samphire and shrimp risotto, sea bream fillet on a bed of polenta and savoy cabbage with asparagus and sage, beans and arugula salad and zavajon (egg cream) with sweet Muscat.
Rogočana Tavern, 1 Rogočana, Phone: + 385 (0) 52 852-576, www.konobarogocana.com, e-mail: info@konobarogocana.com

Sentona Ceramic Collection

Once you have tasted the heavenly Sentona's menus and got recipes for their preparation, you can store the local delicacies in your home in Sentona’s decorative pottery and utensils produced by family run ceramics crafts hop Inker in Raša. Their produce with a long tradition of craftsmanship, with warm local colors are decorated with local ingredients motives: olives, cereals and figs. Their designs give an extra authentic look to dishes; they bring the warmth of Labin’s sun and the sea in your home space and are also original souvenirs. The original Sentona collection includes: a bottle for olive oil, fig brandy cup, bread and fig baskets, morning cereal meal mug, Labin spices’ (bay leaves, rosemary, sage) bowl, soup bowl-boccaletta, a tray with lid for local cheese and a set of plates and bowls. Products are available from the souvenir shop Butega, Labin Old town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Mobile: +385 (0)97 7517-782. Opening hours: 9:30 AM- 7 PM, every day.
Decorative ceramics Inker-Raša, M.V.Ilirika bb, Raša, tel: +385 52874352, mob: +385 98 219 972, e-mail: ingrid.glavicic@pu.t-com.hr

St. Florentius’ Trail - Kranjci village

Discover the new tourist walking route-St. Florentius’ trail in the picturesque village of Kranjci, 3 km away from Labin. A new tourist info table with descriptions and photos of the trail and new guidelines will lead you to the church of St. Florentius, one of the most beautiful Istrian Romanesque churches, which is included on Croatian List of protected cultural monuments. Listen to the legend of gold supposedly buried around the church by the Greeks in the Byzantine era, with a secret vow that has remained a secret. You can also see a precious 6th century altar and panels with braided ornaments and enjoy the spring sunset in an old Istrian village. Although the church is dedicated to the bishop St. Florentius, it has its co-patron: St. Rocco and And St. Florian, whose day is marked on the fourth of May, when the first folk festival will be held to celebrate the trail opening.
How to get there: 3 km from Labin, follow the road from Labin Old town towards the cemetery of St. John and Koromačno. Trail length: 20 minutes from the village Kranjci.
Download the Labin area trails and paths map from