Kranjci Folk Fest 4. 5.

Follow the new St. Florentius' tourist trail to a picturesque village of Kranjci and discover the folk tradition of Labin area. In the 6th century Romanesque style church of St. Florentius (registered cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia) at 4 PM on Saturday, May 4th, a traditional mass will be celebrated on the occasion of St. Florentius' Day, who is a co-patron of the church, followed by a fest with Istrian sopile (traditional woodwind instrument) and meh (ancient aero phonic instrument with a bag), performance of the female choir Rašelinke and a recital on Labin dialect. After you try some of the local wines from Kranjci, home-made cakes and bread made in a traditional way, enjoy the exhibition of ancient tableware and a collection of Sentona ceramic pottery and utilities-original souvenirs of Labin-Rabac Tourist Board. Hear the legend of a gold buried somewhere around the church while the youngest have fun with the old-style games for children. This fest will also celebrate the opening of a new St. Florentius' tourist trail with an info board that includes points of interest and guidelines.
How to get there: Follow the road from Labin Old town towards the cemetery of St. John and Koromačno.
Trail length: 20 minutes from the village Kranjci.
Start: 4 PM.

Labin Sailing Cruiser Regatta 11. – 12. 5.

Enjoy the most beautiful spring vistas of Rabac waters at the eighth Labin Rebublic Regatta. The best crews of Istria and Kvarner region gather at this traditional sailing cruiser regatta, one of the most popular regattas in this area, celebrating the long-standing maritime tradition of Rabac. The event is organized by the local sailing club Kvarner. At the beginning of a new sailing season enjoy presentation of the sailing skills with music and local specialties served at Rabac waterfront. After the traditional welcome party for the crew members and presentation of the sailing school by sailing club Kvarner, the showy colourful sails will decorate the stunning views to Labin Old town, Prtlog protected landscape and crystal clear sea blue of the Rabac bay.

Sentona Wellness Package at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior Rabac

Enjoy the sensational wellness pleasures at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior Resort in Rabac. Specially designed wellness package named after the goddess Sentona, Labin's patroness of travellers includes: welcome package with Sentona natural cosmetics, 90- minute-long Sentona aroma massage (including a refreshing vitalizing body massage with lavender, rosemary and laurel oil, compresses with essential oils to soften your hands and facial massage), use of wellness centre with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool in the relax zone in Mediterranean interior, Sentona cocktail, a selection of various tea flavours, guided tour on Sentona's Hidden Treasures trail and healthy and vitalizing breakfast and dinner.
Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior ****, tel: + 385 0(52) 862-220, e-mail:
On- line reservations:

Sentona's Spring Menu at Restaurant Kvarner

Have a taste of Sentona's indigenous spring menu on the city walls overlooking the green and blue waters of Rabac and Cres and Lošinj islands. Restaurant Kvarner is located on the most beautiful promenade in Labin Old town. It offers traditional cuisine of Labin area with Labin's finest Negri extra virgin olive oil and local wines. Salted anchovies with sun dried tomatoes and capers, calamari filled with asparagus and prosciutto, fishermen's potatoes, home-made krafi (local dessert) and sage leaves in meat dishes will awaken spring in your taste buds.
Restoran Kvarner, Šetalište San Marco bb, Labin, tel: +385 (0)52 852-336,

Sentona's Sage Trail and Natural Cosmetics

Labin's saint patroness of travellers leads you to the glades of Skitača, the kingdom of healing and sweet-smelling sage which the local manufacturers pick in May and use its velvety leaves to make natural cosmetics: essential oil, soaps and scented relaxing bath foams. Sage essential oil is recommended for painful and tired muscles' massage. The scent of sage clears your mind and is recommended to use against fatigue and depression, and combined with sea and mountain air rich in aerosol on the top of Skitača, it will completely refresh your body. After you enjoy the violet-blue cloak on the Sage trail, relax with one of wellness treatments with sage at
Hotel Mimosa- Maslinica and Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior in Rabac. Natural cosmetics are available from Butega souvenir shop, 1 Paolo Sfeci, mob: +385 (0)97 751-7782. Open every day from 9.30 to 7 PM.
Wellness centre Hotel Mimosa, Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Phone: +385 0(52) 884-150, 884-170, 884-172, e-mail:,
Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior, tel: + 385 0(52) 862-220, e-mail:
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New Tourist Trail Info Boards

Labin Rabac Tourist Board proudly presents the new information tourist boards on Sentona's trail Labin-Rabac, St. Florentius' trail in Kranjci village, St. Lucy's trail and Sage trail on Mount Skitača. The boards include information in Croatian, English, German and Italian, as well as maps with guidelines, must-see spots and interesting facts about historical, cultural and culinary heritage of the Labin area.