Adriatic Games – Rabac 9. 6.

Have fun with the Adriatic Games - summer evenings of rivalries and temperament, fun and laughter. The program includes team competitions, with representatives coming from the 'small' Adriatic resorts, in both entertaining and traditional sea water and land disciplines: water basketball, donkey race, pulling the rope... The first preliminaries in Rabac are held on the seafront and in the sea. Meet the Croatian and Istrian tradition through the games on sea, wine, naval battles, cooking and many other entertainment facilities.

Start at 6 PM, Rabac waterfront.

Summer Carnival – Rabac 22. 6.

Celebrate the first day of summer in Rabac on the traditional summer carnival. The parade of cheerful and fun carnival groups starts in front of Hotel Narcisin in Maslinica. Passing the sea promenade to the waterfront in Rabac masked madness will include all the people gathered. After the presentation of all groups on the waterfront, the cheerful parade goes further on the promenade to Girandella terrace grill where the evening masquerade will take place.

Start at 7 PM.


What Our Grandmas Cooked– Rabac 23. 6.

The most popular summer culinary event in Rabac introduces old recipes of our grandmas which are available from traditional meals prepared in local restaurants of Velo Kafe, Tina, Miramare, Tomažići and Vale Vista. Don't miss Labin's prosciutto dried in Kvarner bay bura wind in Ravni village, prosciutto and olive spread and Mediterranean herbs spread by Bani prosciutto plant. Enjoy a selection of home-made cheese by Zlata family dairy from Čepić polje. A special attraction of the event is a demonstration on how to prepare the original Labin krafi, the most popular dessert in this area. Have a glass of Labin's finest wines with sardines. Along with a selection of traditional meals and products you'll be able to see a performance by the local folk dance group RKUD Rudar. Dance while you listen to the Highlanders and enjoy zumba dancers, or take part in short animation games for visitors.
Start at 8.30 PM, Rabac waterfront.

Sentona's Menus Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior, Rabac

Gifts of Goddess Sentona: Kvarner sardines in sour marinade, homemade Istrian pasta - Fuži with asparagus and Istrian goat cheese chips, white fish fillet in fennel sauce, aromatic palenta with wild kale, seasonal salad, fritters (fritule) with fig and roasted almond sauce
Liburnian rhapsody: Istrian curd with olive oil, lamb with spring onions and garlic, roasted potato halves with rosemary, spring leaf salad, labinski krafi - traditional Istrian sweet cheese filled ravioli
Hidden charm of sage: cod fish pate with olives and toasted corn bread, minestrone with young corn, turkey breast with sage, swiss chard with potatoes and fennel, lettuce and rucola salad, Istrian povetica - rolled pastry filled with walnuts and apple
Wonders of lavender: prosciutto with goat cheese and olive oil, brodet (mixed fish stew) with home made, Istrian pasta, leafy salad with toasted Mediterranean bread, pancakes with curd and lavender honey
Cocktail Sentona
Delicious and seductive purple short digestive cocktail with wild fruit vodka, syrup of lavender and cointreau liqueur.

Sentona's Gardens Half-day Tour

The local goddess Sentona is a symbol of protection, beauty and fertility. She provides refreshment and relaxation to all visitors coming to Labin area. Meet its natural beauties and soothe with the fruits of her country on a half-day tour ‘Sentona’s gardens’. The trip starts early in the morning by visiting Negri family olive-grove, located near Brgod village above Trget. After a pleasant walk through the olive-grove and introduction with the process of making extra virgin olive oil, the next station is Kukurini village located at the foot of the medieval town of Pićan, with a visit to one of the Baćac's family vineyards. The tour around vineyards is followed by a visit to the old and new wine cellars, tasting of home-made brandy, Čepić’s Zlata family dairy cheese, Negri olive oil, Istrian prosciutto and Malvasia (white wine) Calypsa Histria and Teran (red wine) Calypsa Nera guided by award winning wine maker Goran Baćac. Dessert includes pićonske kroštule (sweet pastry) and Muscat dessert wine, accordion sounds and dance.
Return to Rabac and Labin is scheduled in the early afternoon.
The trip is organized on request for a minimum of 10 people.
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Sentona’s Trail Labin – Rabac

With the fresh scent of laurel and pine, the patron goddess of travelers, Sentona reveals the most beautiful protected landscape of the area. This goddess will take you back to your childhood and the forgotten landscapes from your imagination. Fairy groves intersected by streams and rapids, over crossed with seven bridges. The Pećina stream waterfalls overflow through the winding tuff barriers, and the mysterious Negri’s cave hides a well. The spring water was once used to run an old mill whose ruins stand near the largest waterfall that pours into the turquoise lake in the stream valley in the Maslinica bay.
Trail length 2.4 km
Walking time 1 hour downhill, 2 hours uphill
Altitude 236 m