Labin Art Republic Opening Ceremony

This year's opening ceremony of the 11th Labin Art Republic, a cultural and artistic event reviving historical and cultural heritage of Labin Old town through numerous entertaining and classical concerts and theatre shows during July and August, celebrates Croatian EU membership. The program ’28 Labin Stars’ held in front of St. Florentius town gate presents 28 artists from Labin whose works are exhibited in the town galleries. A popular Istrian band ‘Gustafi’ performs live in concert on the main square, while the town loggia houses olive oil presentation. RKUD Rudar from Raša brings the traditional local folk dances. After hoisting the EU flag Atmosfera band and We Stand United perform live in concert on ‘kod špine’ stage (near the town museum, turn left). Hot summer nights in Labin will get even hotter with the performance of Belfast Food band on July 25th on ‘kod špine’ stage, from 9.30 PM.


Labin Jazz Republic 4. - 6. 7.

Baroque places, medieval bell towers, summer night and superb jazz musicians make an irresistible combination of Labin Jazz Republic bringing three nights of finest music for summer refreshment.
4. 7. - Denis Jazz Quartet, 9.30 PM ‘kod špine’ stage, Alba & Leo Duo, 11 PM, Stari trg (small square inside the old town) stage
5. 7. - Marko Tolja & Olja’ZZ Quartet, 9.30 PM ‘kod špine’ stage, Chocolate Disaster Quartet, 11 PM, Stari trg stage
6. 7. - Black Coffee, 9.30 PM, ‘kod špine’ stage

Open Art Studios

In the course of Labin Art Republic don’t miss the opportunity to visit art galleries and studios located in Labin Old Town. There are more than thirty professional artists in Labin, and half of them decided to open the door of their studios for visitors on Mondays, from 7-9 PM, and on Wednesdays from 11-1 PM. Experience meeting an artist, get to know his/her work and enjoy the artistic atmosphere.

List of artists and map showing locations of studios is available from: www.labin-art-republika.com

Labin Old Town Night Sightseeing

Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Labin Old town in free night sightseeing tours on Tuesdays. This year you’ll be guided by Labin’s goddess Sentona-the patroness of travellers. Tourist guides dressed in original Sentona’s dress will introduce you with ancient stories about the Uskoks, town legends, discover exciting details from Matthias Flacius Illyricus’ (a famous church reformer) life and reveal secrets of the local nobility. The tour starts at 9.30 PM in front of the Tourist Info Point in the Old town, and ends in front of Negri Art gallery at 11 PM. Guided tours are available in English, German and Italian.
Start at 9.30 PM, in front of the Tourist Info Point, 10 Titov trg
Admission is free.

Restaurant Tomažići

Sentona’s restaurant chain offering indigenous Labin area meals welcomes the ninth restaurant – Tomažići. Owned by the Licul-Verbanac family, this restaurant is located in Tomažići village near Labin. It offers a unique experience of home-made Labin cuisine through numerous indigenous meals. Feel the warmth of a local village in a natural environment in a carefully arranged park decorated with ancient tools, and have a glass of selected Istrian wines at the wine bar. Sentona’s menu includes, among the others, green tortiglioni with fresh basil filled with homemade ricotta, pasutice (homemade pasta) with salted sardines and spring onion and sweet krafi (homemade pasta) filled with three kinds of cheese and raisins perfumed with orange and lemon rind in walnut sauce.
Restaurant Tomažići, 59a Tomažići, Nedešćina, Phone: +385(0)52 865-535, e-mail: valdi.licul1@pu.t-com.hr

Sentona’s Night Boat Ride

Sail into romantic summer nights in Rabac on a boat ride ‘Sentona’s Magic Nights’. Embark on Horizont Istra from the waterfront in Rabac and start your journey to mystical bays. Listen to the story of Sentona, the patroness of travellers. Hear the sea waves whispering about her beauty and local love traditions. You’ll be welcomed by a hostess dressed as Sentona who’ll offer you with home-made fig brandy and introduce you with laurel and lavender scents. The night ride around the Kvarner bay in the glass boat includes a surprise and fireworks in the end.

Boarding: from the waterfront in Rabac at 9.30 PM.
Invicta Travel agency, Obala Maršala Tita bb, Rabac, Phone: +385(0)52 880-240, Mobile: ++385(0)98 715-108, e-mail: Invicta@pu.t-com.hr, www.divingcroatia.com