Battle of the Uskoks, 1. 8.

This music spectacle takes you on a journey back to 1599, when the night of 19th/20th January around six hundred Uskoks attacked the town of Labin. The legend says that at the moment when the people seemed to have no chance (since they had only thirty soldiers and some three hundred men ready to fight) they used trickery. After they slaughtered an ox, they shed his blood near the town gate, and put iron in several barrels which they started rolling down steep streets creating deafening noise. It all sounded as if they had a well- organized defence system, and the Uskoks were convinced they suffered considerable losses. With several dead and unfinished work (they managed to rob only one building), the furious Uskoks were forced to flee, and on their way back they robbed and ravaged Plomin. Fell the medieval spirit of Labin with the guests: Uskoks from Klis, the swordsmen, archers and torches.
Labin Old town, 8 PM

Klapa Cambi Live - Rabac 4. 8.

Superior voices of one of the best Croatian klapa (a group of men/women singing a cappella) lead you into Croatian Victory and Homeland Day fest. Enjoy the most beautiful songs from the Adriatic performed by this Dalmatian klapa on the waterfront in Rabac at dusk. Along with their well-known hits Cambi will perform their new song 'Jidra mog vapora' ('The Sails of My Vapor') from 2013 Split Music Festival. Enjoy the richness of the traditional Croatian music with the seductive smells of fish dishes from the near-by restaurants, overlooking the sailing ships and the picturesque Rabac Bay.
Rabac waterfront, 9.30 PM

'My Love Goes to…Labin' Concert 15. 8.

Labin Art Republic and Labin Classical Summer present music specialities in a romantic atmosphere of the Old town. The open air stage 'kod špine' (opposite the museum) will host a soprano Sandra Bagarić accompanied by her husband, the pianist Darko Domitrović. Their repertoire entitled 'My love Goes to….' is inspired by the synonymous evergreen from the movie 'Who Sings Means No Harm'. On August 14th, Classical Summer in the Old town parish church presents an evening with the two pianos 'IstriaPhonic orchestra' by Ana Zečić Jeffers and Melita Lasek, led by Denis Modrušan.
August 15th 'My Love Goes to…', 9.30 PM, open air stage kod špine
August 14th 'IstriaPhonic orchestra', 9 PM, Labin parish church

Labin Town Day 17. 8.

Celebrate Labin Town Day, have fun and take part in sports activities. Along with the traditional 17th Labin Town athletic race, experience new sports adventures on the beaches in Rabac Adventure Race. This adventure race takes place on a wide area of Rabac and Labin, and teams consisting of two members compete in trekking, mountain-biking, kayaking, swimming, spelunking, rope descending and tunnelling. In the evening head to Labin Old town and enjoy the live concert of Opća opasnost and Night Express.
Opća opasnost and Night Express live in concert, Labin Old town , 9 PM

Sentona's Summer Tastes at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior, Rabac

Have a taste of summer in a special summer menu at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior Sentona restaurant. Labin goddess –the patroness of travellers will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey through the tastes and colours of Istrian lavender. The menu includes prosciutto with goat cheese and olive oil, brodet (fish stew) with home-made pasutice (pasta), lettuce with toasted Mediterranean bread and pancakes with ricotta cheese and lavender honey. And while relaxing on the beach or by the pool overlooking the sea and the islands Cres and Lošinj, find refreshment with the unique Sentona's purple cocktail with lavender scent, made of wild fruit vodka , Cointreau liqueur lavender syrup.
Valamar Reservation Centre: + 385 52 465 000

Hidden Charms Promenade

Discover the most beautiful Istrian beaches in Rabac, the pearl of Kvarner bay. Labin goddess Sentona –the patroness of travellers invites you to choose your personal corner in one of the numerous sea coves with white pebbles where you'll find refreshment in crystal clear turquoise sea enjoying the scents of pine, rosemary and sage. Find entertainment and recreation on St. Andrea, Girandella and Lanterna beaches, all marked with eco Blue Flag. Info displays are located on the parking lot above Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior, at St. Andrea crossroads, above Prižnja beach and on the walking path above Prohaska. There are two routes available:
a) Round walk St. Andrea – Prižnja – Girandella beach – Lanterna beach
b) St. Andrea – Kosi village - St. Andrea
Trail length: St. Andrea - Prohaska - Kosi 3 km
St. Andrea – Prohaska – Prižnja - Girandella - Lanterna 5 km
Duration: 2 - 3 hours