Labin Bell Tower and St. Justus' Day November 2nd

Built in 1623 on the grounds of a former St. Justus’ church, the 33-m-high bell tower stands as a symbol of Labin Old town. It is located right next to Fortica, the town’s highest point offering the spectacular view. The tower itself consists of an octagonal drum and a pyramid. The church dedicated to St. Justus, saint patron famous for his kindness and mercy towards to poor, was built in the 6th century. The locals took him as their town patron and celebrate his day on November 2nd. St. Justus’ relics are kept at the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Old town.

Villa Calussovo

Villa Calussovo, offering the unforgettable experience, is the place to go for all those who prefer vacation in natural surroundings and top gastronomic experience. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in this charming rural house decorated in a typical Istrian style, run as a small family hotel with 12 rooms and a restaurant offering home made cuisine rich in fruits from the surrounding forests and family farms. The villa is located above Rabac, only 4 km from the sea, on a picturesque hill in Ripenda Kras, with a beautiful view over Labin Old town and Rabac. Over the weekends, enjoy the theme gastronomic days and learn how to prepare Labin area traditional meals. Find your place by the fireplace and try some hot maneštra s trukinjicom (minestrone with corn), warm home made bread, Istrian prosciutto, goat cheese and ravioli filled with Savoy cabbage in truffle sauce, or pork tenderloin with Savoy cabbage and pancetta, with a wide selection of local wines.

Villa Calussovo, 18 Ripenda Kras, Labin, phone: +385 52 851 188, fax: +385 52 851 189,

Heavenly Massages with Olive Oil

Looking for a perfect place to rest in the olive month? Surrounded with hundreds of olive trees only a few steps away from the sea, Mimosa hotel in Rabac’s Maslinica bay is waiting for you. The hotel staff will introduce you with the tradition of picking olives in Istria, and you’ll find oil from the same olive yard on your room desk. Enjoy the healthy olive oil in the hotel wellness centre and treat yourself with a massage from the Sentona (the local patroness of travelers) Goddess Collection. Rejuvenation Goddess massage will relax you with a seductive synergy of olive oil, essential home made lavender oil and St. John’s Wart oil. All seven massages available from ‘Me, the Goddess’ collection include exclusively local olive oil and essential oils.

Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac bb, Rabac. Booking info: +385 (0)52 884 172/ 872 024, fax: +385 (0)52 872 088, e-mail:,

Restaurant Kvarner in Olive Magic

Enjoy the olive month sitting next to the fireplace with home made specialties made of olives and award winning local extra virgin olive oil brands Negri and Belić in the redecorated tavern within Kvarner restaurant in Labin Old town, located on the promenade with the most beautiful view overlooking Rabac and the adjacent islands. Fruit tastes of Belić selection and the fullness of Negri olive oil enrich the menu with indigenous specialties from Sentona’s menu: salted anchovies with dried tomato and capers, dried cod stew, liver with onion and red wine sauce, veal shank pot baked and for dessert- fritule (sweet pastry) made with raisins and home made brandy.

Restaurant Kvarner, Šetalište San Marco bb, Labin, phone: +385 (0)52 852-336,,

Sentona Utensils for Bread and Cereals

Fall in Labin area smells of warm pot baked bread, maneštra s kukuruzom (minestrone with corn) and home made pasta: fuži, šurlice, gnocchi…and all of these are available from the local restaurants in Labin and Rabac offering Sentona’s menus. If you were satisfied with the local specialties, chose hand made ceramic bread baskets or cups for your morning cereal meal from Sentona’s utensils collection, produced by family pottery shop Inker from Raša, and available from Butega souvenir shop in Labin Old town. These useful and decorative utensils marked with Sentona original souvenir sign comes in warm Labin colours and decorated with home grocery motifs of cereals, olives and figs.

Butega Souvenir Shop, Labin Old town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, mobile phone: +385 (0)97 751 7782
Decorative ceramics Inker-Raša, M.V. Ilirika bb, Raša, phone: +385 52 874 352, mobile phobe: +385 98 219 972, e-mail:

Natural Cosmetics for Cold Fall

Protect your skin and your living space with a collection of Sentona’s natural cosmetics made of local home made essential oils. On their family farm in Vinež the Faraguna family grows lavender and uses local wild plants; sage, laurel and rosemary. Bring the warmth of Labin nature into your own home with home made essential oil and lavender hydrolyte, massage body oil with almond oil, perfumed bath salt and relax perfumed sachet stuffed with laurel for peaceful dreams.

Family farm Lavanda Faraguna, owner: Klaudio Faraguna, 357 Vinež, Labin, phone: +385 52 858-116, mobile phone: +385 91 892-5833, e-mail: