Newsletter 2015

New Year's Eve at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior - Rabac, Dinner Served by the Open Fireplace, Trail of St. Barbara, Labin-Kapelica-Raša, In Natural Wellness, Morchaki Country Resort & Spa, Labin Area Christmas Tradition

St. Justus' Trail, Labin Area Wine Fest, Sentona's Divine Baths, Labin Truffles and Mushrooms, Labin Pottery Warmth, Countryside Cuisine

Valamar Trail, Rabac-Labin October 3rd, Labin Olive Oil Producers, St. Florentius’ Trail and the Legend of Gold, Cauldron Law and Labin Town Statute, Horseback Riding with a View, Vale Vista Restaurant

Labin Old town Night Sightseeing, September 1st and 8th, Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac, September 4th, Rabac Regatta and Croatia Open Youth Sailing Championship, Rabac, September 17th-20th, Miramare Restaurant, Grapes Picking and St. Martin’s Wines, Create You

Street Music & Performers Night, Rabac, August 9th, Klapa Šufit Live, Rabac, August 13th, Labin Town Day Fest, August 15th, Girandella Beach Ferragosto Party, Rabac, August 15th, Istrian Lifestyle, Handmade and Gourmet Fair, Rabac, August 21st, Labin Clas

Labin Jazz Festival, Labin, July 2nd - 4th, Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac, July 3rd, 17th and 31st, Rabac Street Music & Entertainment Night, July 19th, Labin Classic Summer, July 1st - August 26th, Dina Rizvić and Požega Big Band, Rabac, July 24th, Girandella

Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac June 6th, 7th and 19th, Labin Old Town Night Sightseeing Tour June 16th, 23rd and 30th, Rabac Summer Carnival, June 20th, Adriatic Games, Rabac June 26th, Petrova Fest, Labin June 27th, Sea Kayaking

Valamar Terra Magica, Rabac – Labin, May 16-17, The 10th Labin Republic Sailing Cruiser Regatta, Rabac, May 15-17, Floral Rabac and Flower Fair, Labin, May 8-9, Trekking on Sentona’s Trail Labin - Rabac, Where Rabac Kisses the Skies, Spring in Labin Art S

100 Miles of Istria, April 17th -19th, Long Walk Day, April 25th, Voga Teleferika, Rabac, April 26th, Easter Family Vacation in Rabac, Spring Detox with Bitter Plants and Vegetables, Spring Traditions

Sport LAB IstraTrek 2015 - March 28, Labin, Valamar Loves Bike, Labin Republic, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Josip Belušić - Speedometer Inventor from Labin, New Hotel Lido Palace 4*

Love Served, Labin Carnival February 14th and 17th, The Irresistible Adoral, Labin Visionary, Istria Outdoor Booking, Venetian Lions in Labin

Camping Marina 4* - The First Camping in Croatia with Diving Pool, Museum Night January 30th, Divine Massage on Sentona's Trail, History Caretaker, Broskva (Savoy Cabbage) – Winter Delight, Škopac Family Farm