Explore and discover the cycling paradise of Labin area on five bike routes with the total length of 240 km. Bella vista bike route (33 km) will take you from Skitača- the highest point of Labin area to Labin Old town. Teran route (46.6 km) honoring the eponymous Istrian wine takes you on Labin Wine Road, while Lucy with crystal-clear eyes route (38.7 km) tells a story of St. Lucy on Skitača. Istrian Demarcation route (51 km) is dedicated to one of the most important Croatian medieval documents found in Kršan, and Liburnia route (67 km) introduces local history of mining and the town of Raša, the youngest town in Istria. 

In May, don’t miss the international bike race Valamar Terra Magica with various trail lengths, from the hardest 75 km long race to recreational race for children and family cycling. All races start and finish in Rabac where bike hotel Allegro Valamar 4* offers plenty of recreation and bike facilities for cycling fans. The hotel provides complete technical and logistical support that meets the highest bike hotel standards: secure storage for bicycles, space for washing bikes, bike rental, simple repair set, special high-energy meals, bike route maps, info maps with information about services for cyclists, shops and events in the area and organized bike tours. Various types of bicycles are available for rent from several places in Rabac and Labin.


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