Newsletter 2016

2017 New Year's Party in Rabac, New Year's Bird Release, Fishermen’s Christmas, Il Teatrino, Prtlog, Romeo Winery

Peteani Hotel 4 *, Labin, The trail of St. Justus (Labin - Gondolići - Rabac), Pićan Wines, Ripenda Countryside Charm, Gold-awarded Cheese from the Best Family Farm in Croatia, Labin Wine Riot

Labin Area Olive Growing Art, Divine Olive Spa, White Truffle Season, Valamar Family Life Bellevue Resort 4*, Rabac, St Florentius Trail, Kranjci Village, Labin, Labin Town Gallery Exhibitions

Istrian Lifestyle, 2 and 9 September, Labin-Rabac Vertical Trail, 18 September, Rabac Regatta, 17 -18 September, The 1st Summer Fitness Festival Rabac, 16 -18 September, New Valamar Girandella Resort 4* Rabac, Valamar Trail, Rabac, 1 October, Istrian Life

Istrian lifestyle, Rabac, 5, 12, 19 and 26 August, Labin Town Day, Labin, 12- 16 August, Rišpet Live Concert Rabac, 14 August, The 40th Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium / Elis Lovrić Live in concert, Dubrova, 7 August, New Gastronomy and Entertainment Ce

Petrova Fest and Labin Art Republic Opening, Labin, 2 July, Labin Jazz Festival, Labin, 7- 9 July, Street Music & Entertainment Night, Rabac, 10 July, Latino Nights in Rabac and Labin, 24 and 28 July, The 48th Labinske Konti, Dubrova near Labin, 30 July,

Adriatic Games, Rabac, 18 June, Labin Old Town Night Sightseeing Tour, Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac, 17 and 24 June, Rabac Summer Carnival, 18 June, Classical Summer, Labin, 30 June, Diving in Rabac and the Surroundings

Voga Teleferika, Rabac, May 8, The 11th Labin Republic Sailing Cruiser Regatta, Rabac, May 13 - 15, Valamar Terra Magica, Rabac – Labin, May 21 - 22, Family Vacation at Renewed Hotel Hedera*** Rabac, Spring Sea Delights, Sage Trail - Skitača

Days of Asparagus and Cuttlefish March 29 - April 30, 100 Miles of Istria April 15 -17, Long Walk Day April 23, Divine Springs Trail Rabac - Labin, Family Spring Break

Industrial Art Biennale, Labin 2 March – 30 September, 95th Anniversary of the Labin Republic, Easter Breakfast on the Waterfront, Rabac 27 March, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Pleasant Active Vacation in Rabac, Easter Meals in Labin and Spring Menu in Rest

Labin Carnival, February 6th, Valentine's Menus, Hidden Charms Promenade, Labin Love Tradition, Romantic Villa Annette, Rabac Laurel

Istrian Saffron, Gastronomic Tradition, Terra Magica Trail, St. Vincent’s Day and Blessing of Vineyards, Museum Night 29 January, Manorial Vacation