Newsletter 2018

Advent in Labin, 20. – 22. 12., Labin Night Sightseeing Tour Gets Simply the Best Award, New Year's Party at Valamar Sanfior Hotel in Rabac, Labin Krafi for Your Festive Table, The Trail of Holy Women, The Noble Family of Battiala -Lazzarini from Labin

Labin Area Wine Roads, ‘Karst Landscapes’ Exhibition, Labin Town Gallery, St. Justus’ Trail, the Saint Patron of Labin, Green Beach (Girandella), Banì Prosciutto Plant, In natural wellness

The 2nd Industrial Art Biennial, Labin, The 2nd Laser Rabac Cup, Rabac, Oct 6 – 7, Istrian Liquid Gold, St. Florentius’ Trail, Kranjci Village, Mushroom Heaven, Torjon Cannons

6. Bio Market – Eco Products Fair, Rabac, 14. 9., Valamar Terra Magica – MTB Marathon, Rabac, 16. 9., Terra Albona Autunno, Recreational Bike Race, Labin, 23. 9., Valamar Trail, Rabac, 29. 9., Rabac Regatta, Rabac, 28. – 30. 9., Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac,

The Frajle Live in Concert, Rabac, 24. 8., Detour Live in Concert, Labin, 9. 8., Istrian Lifestyle - Handmade & Gourmet Fair, Rabac, on Fridays, Labin Town Day, 11. 8., Istria Inspirit, Rabac, 4. and 18. 8., Open Air Cinema, Rabac

Labin Jazz Festival, Labin, July 5 - 8, Psihomodo Pop Concert, Rabac Open Air Festival, July 6, Rabac Open Air Festival, Rabac, June 16 – August 30, The 6th Bio Market, Rabac, July 8, The 50th Labinski Konti, Labin, July 28, Due Fratelli Summer Gastro Mag

Labin Old Town Night Sightseeing Tour, Istrian Lifestyle - Handmade & Gourmet fair, Rabac, June15, 22 and 29, Summer Carnival - Rabac, June 16, Petrova Fest and Labin Art Republic Opening, Labin, June 30, Classical Summer, Labin June 30, Oleoteca Oleum Vi

The Third Kvarner Shrimp Festival, Rabac, May 26, The Thirteenth Labin Republic Sailing Cruiser Regatta, Rabac, May 19, Gastro Bike Tour, Experiences to Remember Tours, Where Olive Trees Meet the Sea – Oliva Camping Site Rabac, Terra Wine Shop Labin

Labin Spring Gastro Rhapsody – Days of Asparagus and Cuttlefish 1. - 30. 4., 100 Miles of Istria April 6 - 8, Tour of Croatia, April 21, Rabac – Labin, Terra Albona Primavera, April 29, Labin, 15th Long Walk Day, April 21, Divine Springs Trail Rabac - Lab

Easter Breakfast 1 April, Labin Republic, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Labin Area Bitter Vegetables, Rustic Delicacies at Markus Tavern, Bellavista Trail

Carnival in Labin, St. Valentine's Day Gastro Magic, Rialto and Giuseppina Martinuzzi, Valentine's Day with a View, Horse Riding Visit to Labin, Teran Bike Trail

Free Climbing in Rabac, Adriatic Squid Specialties, Instagram Visit Labin Rabac, 100 Miles of Istria Ultra-trail, Remedial Honey from Labin Area, Fairy tale Teapots