January in Labin and Rabac

Free Climbing in Rabac

Istra Outdoor has published a brochure on free climbing sites in Istria. One of the most beautiful climbing sites overlooking the sea is located on the rocks at the very entrance to Rabac. Rabac has 11 routes with 12-23 m height and interesting names such as Tinu ninu, Via Albona and Gonan po vaše. This site is special for its position close to the sea and top-quality Rabac hotels Valamar, Maslinica Hotels & Resort, Villa Annette and Adoral, and for nature lovers the beautiful Oliva camping site in olive groves with numerous sports and recreational amenities.


Adriatic Squid Specialties

Adriatic squid is one of the most admired Istrian seafood specialties you can taste during winter in Rabac and Labin restaurants. Squid fishing begins in fall and culminates around Christmas and in January. It's best to catch them out of the boat during the night using boat light or artificial light at dusk. For centuries, Rabac fishermen have resisted the cold and the darkness by competing with these exceptionally fast cephalopods, developing various fishing techniques. Therefore, this fresh delicacy is highly appreciated and prepared in many ways. In south-east Istria, a salad of squid and fennel is served, squids filled with asparagus and Istrian prosciutto, pot-cooked with potatoes in black sauce ... Enjoy a variety of recipes with the Adriatic squid in Labin and Rabac restaurants and taverns.


Instagram Visit Labin Rabac

Labin-Rabac Tourist Board launched a new Instagram profile Visit Labin Rabac where you can enjoy attractive photos of Labin-Rabac destination. We invite Instagram users to use our hashtag #visitlabinrabac and discover exciting photo locations in Labin and Rabac, which have always been favourite locations for photo enthusiasts. At first, as postcards with the motifs of Rabac and Labin sent back in 1899, shortly after the first postcards were made for Paris and Vienna. Postcards were published by Labin-born local post office worker Edoardo Palisca, and stationery store owner Valcich (Valci). In the early 1920s, postcards of Rabac were published by a teacher E. Girardelli from Rabac, after whom the popular tourist resort Girandella was named. A famous photographer Tranquilo Vladislovich - Valdini has a studio in Labin between the two world wars. After World War II a photographer Žika Tasić (trick master on the first post-war Yugoslav theatrical motion picture 'Slavica') moved to Labin where he opened a photo studio. Today photographers can enjoy the unique offer of the Mediterranean holiday home Villa & Galleria Fotografica in Eržišće near Labin. This art gallery for vacation time is decorated with historical photos and vintage cameras, and features a modern photo studio where you can take photos of your family and friends.


100 Miles of Istria Ultra-trail

Since last year the biggest ultra-trail race in Croatia 100 Miles of Istria has been included in the world trail cup (Ultra Trail World Tour). This year the race is held from 6 to 8 April 2018, and the most difficult and one of the most beautiful courses (Red course) starts on 6 April at 3000-year-old town of Labin, passing on the eastern parts of Istria over the highest mountains, valleys and ends on the west coast of Istria in Umag. So far, over 1200 contestants from 55 countries have been registered, so hurry up and sign up at www.istria100.com and become part of this memorable sports and travel experience.


Remedial Honey from Labin Area

During winter the Beekeeping Association of Labin organizes days of Labin Area Honey (Dani meda Labinštine) with a traditional international evaluation of honey from Eastern Istria 'Ripenda'. As part of this event local restaurants offer homemade specialties with honey. Among the 63 beekeepers at the last evaluation, honeydew honey made by Vlado Hrvatin from the village Bartići was declared the best. For honey to be named after a plant, it should contain at least 20 percent of its pollen grains, and some of the honey from this area contain even more, such as sage honey from Skitača or acacia honey from Šumber, awarded with numerous gold medals. Raise your immunity with Labin area honey with tea, with Istrian goat or sheep cheese or as dessert with grapes and crunchy grisini.


Fairy tale Teapots

Labin's healthy honey for cold winter days’ fits perfectly with tea you can serve in fairy tale-like teapots from Allegro atelier. In the very heart of Labin old town, in the romantic medieval square is the picturesque atelier of an artist Alida Blašković, who uses the town motifs. Along with the ceramic teapots with the motifs of the town clock tower and aristocratic palaces, the new collection includes hand-painted cheerful hearts and romantic tendrils resembling Alice in Wonderland. After visiting Labin, let these artistic handicrafts give warmth to your body and home.
Allegro Atelier and Souvenirs
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