February in Labin and Rabac

Carnival in Labin

Traditionally, the carnival fest is organized by the most cheerful group of people in Labin, members of Labinjonska kompanija domoća folšarija. Join the colorful madness of the humorous carnival groups on Saturday, February 10 at 3 PM, in the central town parade starting from Kature. Numerous adult carnival groups from Labin area, and distant places, kindergarten groups, school children and retirement groups perform their short programs including dance, songs and short gigs. Following the tradition, on Shrove Tuesday, February 13, a pust, man-like doll blamed for all bad events in the previous year, will be burned. On the same day the children's masquerade is also held.


St. Valentine's Day Gastro Magic

The charming old town of Labin attracts everyone who's in love to celebrate the day of love here. This Valentine's day restaurants in Labin Rabac offer themed menus including some aphrodisiac ingredients. Every year the chefs marvel with new imaginative culinary surprises from a variety of desserts: mousse and semifredo with chilli ganache, traditional Labin krafi with new fill, fresh fish such as sea bass prepared in exotic ways, tuna prosciutto, marinated anchovies’ appetizers and indispensable Istrian roses and sparkling wines.


Rialto and Giuseppina Martinuzzi

On Valentine's Day in 1844 Giuseppina Martinuzzi, a writer, teacher and one of the first socialists in the world was born in Labin. Her father Giovanni Martinuzzi was a distinguished mayor from a bourgeois family who came to Labin from Friuli at the beginning of the 18th century. Like most of her peers coming from intellectual families, she had all predispositions to become a teacher. During her 32-year long career she worked with workers' and peasants' children in schools from Trieste to Stari Grad on Hvar and she became a favorite 'poor people's teacher'. She is the author of many pedagogical studies and textbooks for elementary school and the Mnemonic Manual (Manuale Mnemonico) with schemes that help memorizing texts. At the beginning of the 20th century, she became active in politics and passionately represented the ideas of human socialism and published her most famous work of social character, the poem Injustice. As a socialist, she held numerous public speeches, representing the rights of children, workers and especially women, and advocated cooperation between the Croatians and Italians in Istria. Giuseppina's birth house is located opposite the old town center in Rialto area, with one of the most beautiful Labin's courtyards. The furnishings from her Labin apartment, Mnemonic Manual and her personal notebooks are on display at the National Museum in Labin.


Valentine's Day with a View

Villa Annette 4 * is a family-run hotel situated in the quiet olive grove on the secluded part of the hill above the Rabac bay with a beautiful panoramic view of the Kvarner islands of Cres, Lošinj and Unije. One of the most beautiful Istrian boutique hotels is the ideal place to celebrate Valentine's Day with authentic Istrian menus, a selection of top-quality home-made olive oil, truffles and scents of the Adriatic. With three suits with elegant modernist interiors in white, black and red overlooking the sea, a swimming pool, spacious terraces and the olive grove, Villa Annette also provides a magical wedding scenery.


Horse Riding Visit to Labin

Discover Labin and Rabac in a different way – riding a horse. Only 500 m from Labin Old town, in the village of Brdo, there's Accordia Equestrian club, which offers year-round programs for horse, riding and nature lovers. Book your place for a family walk on horseback, a riding school for adults and children or a professional horseback riding class. If you have a horse, here you will also find accommodation for it and training for young horses.
Horse Center / Equestrian Club "Accordia" - Labin
8 Brdo, Labin
M +385 (0) 91 110 3937


Teran Bike Trail

Discover the beauty of Labin and Rabac on the circular Teran bike trail, which runs from Rabac, via Labin Old town, Dubrova and Nedešćina, and ends on Rabac waterfront. The main road rises from the waterfront in Rabac to the old town of Labin on a 320 m high hill where you can see the town gate San Fior and Torjon, the town loggia, palazzos Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala-Lazzarini (National Museum), Fortica with a panorama spot numerous art galleries and studios. After descending from the Old town, join the pedestrian - cycling trail to Dubrova sculpture park with more than 90 sculptures made by the most famous Croatian and foreign artists and the White Road, with a new part created by a new artist. The trail then leads you from Nedešćina on the wine road to the village of Sveti Martin, the vine growing center of this region. Passing through Snašići, Becići and Vinež, you will return to Labin and the picturesque Ripenda to Gornji Rabac from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Kvarner and Rabac Bay and the islands of Cres and Lošinj. The trail is 46.6 km long.
Istria Bike Rabac Labin map