May in Labin and Rabac

The Third Kvarner Shrimp Festival, Rabac, May 26

Have a taste Kvarner shrimps, the most popular seafood delicacy of our region, in a relaxed and fun sea setting on the waterfront in Rabac. Local caterers will prepare Kvarner scampi (shrimps) dishes caught by the local fishermen, Alba Fisheries Local Action Group members. Besides the sea specialties, festival guests will be offered with the local award-winning wines. In just three years Kvarner Shrimp Festival has become a popular event in Istria and Kvarner, contributing to recognition of Rabac gastronomy and the extension of local delicacies offer from the local restaurants. The event is co-funded by EU funds from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.
Rabac waterfront, 6:00 PM


The Thirteenth Labin Republic Sailing Cruiser Regatta, Rabac, May 19

Enjoy the white sails on a traditional Labin Republic sailing cruise regatta. One of the most visited regattas in Istria and Kvarner region gathers crews from Istria and Kvarner and is also a tourist attraction by which Kvarner Sailing Club from Rabac promotes sailing for years. The tradition of sailing in Rabac goes far into the past when Rabac was a fishing village. Today Rabac bay waters host modern sailing boats in commemoration of Labin Republic – the riot of miners who transported bauxite from the coal mine to the sea by Teleferika cable car. Keep track of exciting races on the coast and have fun with the music program.


Gastro Bike Tour

Enjoy gastro cycling tours by discovering the beauties of Labin and Rabac starting Tuesdays in May. Gastro Bike Tour half-day excursion for active bike fans is run by experienced guides from Rabac Bike Center. The tour departs in the morning, passing a 35 km long medium-difficulty route through the beautiful Istrian landscapes where you can expect a real home-made brunch at Cerovac family farm. Recreation and enjoyment in indigenous meals and wines is the perfect blend for springtime fun and discovering the beauties of Labin and Rapca.
Booking & Info:
Rabac Bike Center
T: 091 902 8363


Experiences to Remember Tours

Make the most of your visit to Labin and Rabac and enjoy the attractive special tours offered by Atlas Rabac agency, which you will remember for a long time after visiting Labin and Rabac. Half-day tour ‘Sentona’s gardens’ tells the story of the Liburnian goddess Sentona - the patroness saint of the travelers, a symbol of beauty and fertility that acquaints you with natural beauties and replenishes Istrian country fruits. The tour includes a visit to Negri family olive grove and tasting of their oil listed among the finest extra-virgin oils in the world, a visit to vineyards and wine tasting, homemade cheese, Istrian prosciutto, kroštule (sweet pastry) and Muscat from the award-winning winemaker Goran Baćac’s wine cellars.
‘Stone, coal and then it all began..." tour tells the story of exciting mining history, stone carving and the industrial and architectural heritage of Labin and its surroundings. Guided by an expert guide and a true lover of the mining heritage, you will visit the National Museum of Labin and the mine replica, Labin mine shaft and Raša, the youngest town in Istria, and taste the typical Istrian food once served to farmers and miners.
And for adventurers we recommend ‘Istrian Hillforts - on the roads of Sir Francis Richard Burton’ trip. In 1870, an English diplomat, archeologist, adventurer, writer, translator, researcher and spy visited Rabac and Istria in order to present the European scientific community with hillforts - the prehistoric settlements in Istria. Follow his footsteps and discover the most hidden corners of Labin and Istria.


Where Olive Trees Meet the Sea – Oliva Camping Site Rabac

This season choose a holiday in Oliva Camping site - Maslinica Hotels & Resort in Rabac, unique in Croatia. Relax in the olive grove in Maslinica bay, located right by the sea, beautiful white beaches and attractive hiking trails in nature. Where the hills meet the sea, you will find accommodation in nature for your active holiday and the best Istrian specialties. After enjoying the shade of olive trees and swimming in the crystal clear sea on one of the most beautiful Istrian beaches, you can discover the mysterious landscapes and exciting stories of Rabac and Labin. Sentona’s trail – named after the local goddess patroness of travelers will discover the waterfall and a small lake in the woods by the sea, the Divine Springs trail will tell the secret of Negri's cave and take up uphill to the wells (šterne in the local dialect) and Labin Old town palaces, and Terra Magica leads along Teleferika cable car to Prtlog, the longest bay in Labin area.


Terra Wine Shop Labin

In Labin Old town, just across the town hall in the main square enjoy the rustic ambience of Terra wine shop offering the best of Istrian land. Choose from its rich selection of local and the finest Istrian wines (Malvasia, Teran), Istrian extra-virgin olive oil from the world’s best olive region, home-made grappa – popular Istrian biska and medica, produce with truffle – the king of Istrian forests and delicious home-made marmalades. Bring the tastes and scents of Labin area to your home in attractively designed souvenir gift packages.