November in Labin and Rabac

Labin Area Wine Roads

Saint Martin’s Day - the patron saint of wine and winemakers, is celebrated on November 11 and is an ideal time to visit Labin area wine roads. Spend the month when must turns into wine inside the wine cellars and taverns and taste the young wine. Start your tasting tour in the heart of Labin Old town at Negri Art&Gastro Gallery with a glass of Teran, Rose and sparkling Istrian Malvasia Il Cavaliere Negri. Then head towards a village of Sv. Martin, known for centuries by growing grapevines. At the Kaštel Pineta agrotourism and the Battiala Lazzarini Palace have a taste of local wines and enjoy countryside accommodation from the baron’s estate. Continue your wine discovery tour at Romeo Licul’s family farm in Nedešćina and try the award winning Romeo wines - Istrian Malvasia, Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines of the largest Labin area winery San Martino are available from the local restaurants. Durin the most cheerful wine month Baćac winery – Kukurini Wines offers wine tasting with live music (by appointment).


‘Karst Landscapes’ Exhibition, Labin Town Gallery

The exhibition ‘Karst Landscapes’ by a renowned Austrian author Michael Goldgruber closes on November 9. The end of this year's exhibition season in the Town Gallery brings works made during the artist’s regular stays in Istria, mostly on Cape Kamenjak and in the mining areas surrounding Labin. During his visits, Goldgruber took photos which tell the story of lust for untouched, magnificent nature, bearing both the cultural dimension and the craving. The exhibition includes a panoramic 8 x 4.5 m wall installation, made of more than four hundred separate photos creating the panorama.
Labin Town Gallery
5 1. Maja St., Labin
T 052 852 123


St. Justus’ Trail, the Saint Patron of Labin

The spirit of antiquity and mysticism of Labin Old town invites you to discover the hidden secrets of the past, walk through the mine corridor and enjoy the view from the highest town bell tower on the blue waters of Rabac beaches. Sv. Justus is the saint patron of the town of Labin and his feast is celebrated on November 2. At the site of the former church of St. Justus today stands the 17th century 35 m high bell tower. The Old town is dominated by the beautiful and well- preserved Venetian period buildings: San Fior town gate, the town loggia, the palaces Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala – Lazzarini, where the National Museum Labin is located. In it you will be surprised by the replica of the mining shaft, unique in this part of Europe, which brings you back to the mining past of Labin and its surroundings. Passing by numerous art studios and galleries, the path takes you to Fortica viewpoint with an old cannon and enchanting view of Rabac and Učka. Walk down Aleja velikana (Walk of Fame) through a pine forest (Pineta) until you reach a point where the trail continues to Gondolići passing near Labin Rabac Tourist Board. Have a rest near the 13th century Romanesque church of St. Gall, or visit the remains of St. Anthony’s church, located on the eponymous hill. Descending towards Rabac, enjoy the magic of greenery and the seductive scent of Mediterranean plants that blends with the crystal clear sea.
Trail length: 6.8 km
Duration: 3 hours


Green Beach (Girandella)

The favourite Girandella beach in Rabac has recently been eco-labelled as Green Beach, a sustainable recreational beach. The green beach was arranged by the Town of Labin using EU Fund Interreg Mediteran as part of a project implemented in six European countries in the Mediterranean. The arrangement includes three smart benches, two bicycle stands and three sets of four garbage bins for separate waste collecting. The green beach is made of eight elements: management, beach quality, accessibility, security, greenery and ecological equipment, sustainability and information and education. Girandella has thus entered the prestigious group of Mediterranean beaches of exceptional cleanliness that contribute to the overall environment with its appearance and apply sustainable tourism models.


Banì Prosciutto Plant

Autumn meals in Labin area are unthinkable without meat delicacies, and Banì prosciutto plant from Labin presents the best of the indigenous meat delicacies of this region. The winners of numerous quality awards, including this year's ‘S kobasicom u Europu’ (‘With a Sausage to Europe’) Fair at Sv.Petar u Šumi, prepare cured meat products according to the traditional recipe on the Istrian bora wind without added artificial flavours. Along with Istrian sausage, dried pork loin, dried pork shoulder, dried pork neck meat, they also produce original delicacies – prosciutto spreads with olives, truffles and herbs. Banì prosciutto plant products are available from the farmer’s market in Labin.


In natural wellness

Create your own experiences in Rabac and rejuvenate your body and spirit in natural wellness. In every corner of its blue and greenery Rabac offers harmony and beauty for all senses. Start your morning healthy - by walking, jogging or roler-skating from the waterfront in Rabac to the most beautiful bay called Maslinica. Walk around the olive groves along the beach and discover the beauty of the Sentona’s trail heading from the bay up to Labin Old town. leads from the bay to the Old Town of Labin. Discover the ancient times of Rabac as a fishermen’s village and its naval tradition through the stories of captains’ loves and the exciting fishing stories about seductive sirens at Nostromo hotel&restaurant with a rich offer of indigenous fish dishes. Start an adventure of discovering Hidden Charms promenade from the peninsula of St. Andrew, home to the 15th century church of the same name, which is the oldest architectural heritage of Rabac. Experience an open-air art dedicated to women's beauty and the sea and do your own art photo session. On the peninsula of St. Andrew below the church you’ll notice ‘The Pearls’, an ambient sculpture on the rocks. Across the road, almost imperceptibly embedded in the park along the promenade, stands the sculpture ‘The Woman Bather’, a work by the academic artist Mate Čvrljak.