December in Labin and Rabac

Advent in Labin, 20. – 22. 12.

Join Labin holiday magic at Zelenice Street in the town centre. With Advent stalls offering festive food and drink, Advent entertainment program in Labin starts on Thursday, 20 Dec, with a theatre play for children, a ride on Santa Claus's train and a charity raffle organized by Mendula Association from Sv. Nedjelja. The raffle takes place the whole afternoon, followed by sky lanterns launching at quarter to eight (sky lanterns available for purchase within the raffle). At five past eight Christmas lighting turns on, with show performance by Battifiaca. On Friday, 21 Dec, from ten o'clock till noon, enjoy your Advent brunch from the Association of Craftsmen Labin, and in the evening head to Prljavo Kazalište live in concert, starting at 10 pm. DJ Nikola z Kukurini starts his set at midnight, ending at 2 am. On Saturday, 22 Dec, in the morning, children will be given gifts, performances and a train ride, and from 9 pm to 11:30 pm listen to the Queen's greatest hits performed by Queen Real Tribute Band. Every day from 20 to 22 Dec, from 2 to 5 pm, you can enjoy Advent lunch. On Dec 31, get ready for the New Year's Eve party and head to Alter ego club & bar where New Year's Eve at Noon starts at 11 am (ends at 2 pm).


Labin Night Sightseeing Tour Gets Simply the Best Award

The popular Labin Nigh Sightseeing tour, which takes place during the summer season in Labin Old town, is this year's winner of the national Simply the Best award in the category of Cultural and Historical Events organized by UHPA - Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and the Travel Magazine Way to Croatia. Free-of-charge night sightseeing tour in five languages with tasting of indigenous local products is a unique experience for every Old town visitor. Experienced guides, wearing special outfits, share numerous interesting stories about one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Istria. Female guides are dressed in the original dresses of Sentona – Labin's goddess patroness of travellers, while their male colleagues wear a festive uniform of Labin miners. This award for creativity, innovation, development and promotion of tourist destination offers has been awarded for 10 years and the award was delivered in Varaždin within the 20th International Business and Tourism Fair PUT.


New Year's Party at Valamar Sanfior Hotel in Rabac

Celebrate the New 2019 with top-quality Valamar party by the sea at Valamar Sanfior**** in Rabac. Choose the perfect New Year's Eve package and a combination of your favourite things – comfortable accommodation, gala dinner with the irresistible Mediterranean specialties and superb live music and relax at wellness centre.


Labin Krafi for Your Festive Table

Krafi are a traditional holiday dessert in the area of Labin. The original Labin krafi are made with cheese and raisins with caramelized sauce topping, and lately krafi with truffles and nuts are also popular. The specialty of Labin krafi is that in special occasions they are served with chicken goulash and vegetables. Krafi used to be served at weddings between soup and the main course. Along with the best Christmas and New Year wishes we give you a recipe for Labin krafi by Jasna Pušec, a chef at Velo Kafe restaurant in Labin.
Ingredients (dough): 20 dag flour, 1 egg, some sunflower oil, a pinch of salt, some water (as needed). Ingredients (filling): 15 dag soft cow's milk cheese, 50 dag hard cow's milk cheese, grated lemon zest, sugar, one table spoon of homemade brandy, 1 vanilla sugar, 10 dag raisins. Ingredients (sauce): 10 dag sugar, 2 dl cooking cream, some milk, liqueur as desired. Preparation: Make dough, roll it and cut circles using a cup. Grate the cheese and mix with other ingredients. Spread the filling on the cut-out dough circles and cover with other circles (like ravioli) and press the edges hard using a fork or fingers. Form the edge again using a cup and make sure the edges are well pasted. Cook in plenty of salty water. While krafi are being cooked, make the sauce. Take a bowl, melt the sugar, add the cream and milk if the mixture is too thick, and the liqueur. Add cooked krafi and flambé with homemade brandy.


The Trail of Holy Women

The path of sacred art will conjure you a story about the importance and impact of women in the everyday life of Labin. During the intensive mining era, Labin women fearing for the lives of their husbands, miners, engaged in housework, worked hard on the barren land and carried water in buckets from the distant wells. Therefore, they frequently sought solace and spiritual help from their saint patronesses. The trail walk includes nine tour points: starting from the biggest and the most beautiful parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Nativity and the chapel St. Mary of Mount Caramel (today Alvona gallery) in Labin Old town, then, on the main road leading uphill to the Old town there’s the church of St. Mary of Consolation (Our Lady of Health) which houses a valuable collection of sacred art, a church of St. Mary Magdalene near the town cemetery, St. Mary’s trail in Šumber, one of the most famous pilgrimage sanctuaries in Istria, St. Ann’s votive statue at the church of St. Mary of Consolation and St. Catherine’s chapel in Sv. Martin, the ruins of medieval chapel dedicated to St. Marina near the sea in the village of St. Marina and the church of St. Barbara, the miners’ patroness in Raša, where recently a visitor centre Arsia was open, offering multimedia presentation of mining heritage.


The Noble Family of Battiala -Lazzarini from Labin

The most famous Labin family of noblemen Battiala - Lazzarini was the most influential family of this area at the beginning of the 20th century. The head of the family was made up of three brothers: Count Giuseppe Lazzarini, the mayor of Labin during Italian rule, a medical doctor Tomaso Lazzarini, who was fond among people for giving free treatments to the poor, and Mikula Lazzarini, landlord of Sv. Martin who grew a vineyard and married a widow of peasant origin. The brothers were born to a father baron Giacomo Lazzarini and a mother countess Margerita, the last of the rich Battiala family. In their family palace today is the National Museum of Labin, and you can find more about the family in the village of Sv. Martin on their former property. In the baroque country castle today is the agrotourism Kaštel Pineta, and next to it is the Lazzarini - Battiala Palace, bed & breakfast apartments with wine cellar and open fireplace. The entire property complex is a protected monument of Croatian culture.