March in Labin and Rabac

Labin Republic

For decades, mining was a synonym for Labin area, which on 2 March celebrates the 98th anniversary of the Labin Republic, one of the first rebellions against fascism in Europe. It was a strike and self-government of the local miners, which lasted only for a month: from 2 March to 8 April 1921. The strike began when the miners gathered in the square in Vinež protesting against the fascists who abused their union leader Giovanni Pipan in Pazin. They took over the mines and set mines at mine pits and organized armed security forces. Mine management was served with economic requests, and after a few days the miners themselves started production. They went down into the pit where they appointed their own manager. On 8 April the management launched a surprise military and police action on land and at sea. Poorly armed and inexperienced miners had to give up. Today, the memory of the famous past is preserved in Podlabin, a planned settlement built for the needs of mining industry, with Pjacal as the central part, now a protected complex of industrial cultural heritage dominated by a tall steel mine tower, the main entrance to the150 m deep mines.
The implementation of the first phase of the INSPIRACIJA project for the revitalization of the industrial heritage is in progress in Labin. Within the said project, an info centre is set to open in the National Museum, presenting in an innovative way the industrial heritage contents of Labin and its partner towns: Trbovlje, Slovenska Bistrica and Rijeka, thus establishing a new cultural and tourist route.


Hello Spring – Night Hiking to Skitača, March 22

In order to celebrate spring arrival Skitaci Mountaineering Club from Labin organizes the 12th night hiking to Skitača, a village in the southernmost part of the Labin peninsula with one of the highest peaks in Labin area (Oštri hilltop, 531 m). This is a special occasion for all nature and hiking lovers to mark the beginning of spring and start of the new nature cycle in good company. Gathering is scheduled on Friday, March 22, at 8 PM in the main square in Labin Old town. The path runs through Gondolići on Labin Hiking Trail to Oštri top (531 m). From Oštri, the path descends next to St. Matthew’s chapel towards Skitača, where hikers are expected to arrive around midnight. The route is technically undemanding and of medium difficulty. You need to bring a headlamp and standard mountaineering equipment.


Exhibition Otisci ('The Prints') by Davor Kliman, Labin Town Gallery, March 1

Labin Town Gallery opens the new exhibition season by presenting works of Pula-based artist Davor Kliman in his solo exhibition entitled Otisci ('The Prints'). Around fifty paintings with strong abstract chromatic motifs are far from artist' previous works depicting his memories of Istrian landscape and the sea. Graduated sculptor Davor Kliman is known for his stone-carved public sculpture across Istria, in Banjole, Medulin and Trieste, and his videos are included in Insert, the first retrospective of Croatian video art. Besides taking part in four sculpture symposia, including last year's Cavae Romanae in Vinkuran, his works had been exhibited in Croatia, Milano, New York and Ljubljana.
Labin Town Gallery
5 1. Maja, Labin
T +385 (0)52 852 123


Wedding at Villa Annette

Villa Annette boutique hotel is known for its elegance and one of the most beautiful sea views in Istria. Love - Dreams - Elegance - Beauty - Joy – Eternity are the synonyms that the Peršić family and their team have been providing for couples from all over the world while organizing their wedding. Exchanging vows in the olive grove with a sea view sunset, the smell of rosemary and pine trees, toasts with the best Istrian sparkling wines and wines, lavish dinner with the own top-of-the-range Villa Annette Selection olive oil and truffles or a romantic breakfast by the pool, are just some of the scenarios provided by this unique place. Book your wedding date in Rabac where the hills meet the sea and love.


Divine Springs Trail Rabac - Labin

Water is the source of life, and water springs used to be the source of life for Labin inhabitants. Therefore, mark the spring arrival on the Divine Springs trail which starts in Maslinica bay in Rabac. The climb up to Labin Old town leads through the most beautiful protected natural landscape of Labin area. Vrućak and Blažić springs are located next to the large waterfall, and on your way you'll cross several streams. The waterfalls of Pećina stream overflow the curving tufa barriers, and the mysterious Negri cave hides a water well inside. In the courtyards of their palaces rich noble families used to build wells (called šterne in the local dialect) to collect rain water.
Trail length: 3.4 km
Duration: 1.5 h


Matthias Flacius Illyricus

In March, Labin celebrates the most famous historical figure of this area, Protestant reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus (3 March1520, Labin – 11 March 1575, Frankfurt am Main). In Flacius' Memorial Collection, you can find out everything about the exciting life of Martin Luther's closest associate and one of the most influential European minds of the 16th century. A great theologian, Church historian and Professor of Classical languages, Flacius wrote more than two hundred books. At the Francovich Palace there are exhibited copies of his most famous works: the thirteen volume ecclesiastical history book entitled Magdeburg Centuries and Clavis Scripturae Sacrae (the key to Holy scripture). Learn how Flacius became a Protestant influenced by his uncle Fr. Baldo Lupetina, the Venice Inquisition Martyr, how he became acquainted with the Reformation founder Martin Luther and managed to have as many as nineteen children.

Matthias Flacius Illyricus Memorial Collection
7 Giuseppina Martinuzzi, Labin
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