October in Labin and Rabac

CRO Race, Rabac - Labin, 5. 10.

Be a part of Croatia's most beautiful postcard and support the world's most prestigious cycling teams at the largest and most prestigious cycling race in Croatia, which takes place under the new name CRO Race from October 1 to October 6. The race starts on Tuesday, October 1 in Osijek, runs through as many as fourteen national and nature parks, and finishes in Zagreb on October 6. After an excellent last year's organization, the fifth leg will drive again through Rabac and Labin on October 5 and in the direction of the Učka Nature Park - Ičići - Opatija - Rijeka - Čavle - Platak. The race starts in Rabac at 10:45 am, passes through Labin Old town, runs a circle through Kranjci and Kapelica and passes through the centre of Labin. This year, for the first time, a Mitchelton-Scott team from Australia, known for the cyclists the Yates brothers, Matteo Trentin, Esteban Chavez and the excellent Slovenian sprinter Luka Mezgec, is coming to Croatia. We will again see the Astana team, one of the red shirt favourites and title defenders, the Bahrain Merida team and the CCC team whose cyclist Maciej Paterski won the first edition of the race in 2015. You can watch the race broadcasts on HRT, Eurosport, GCN channel - the biggest cycling online video site and numerous TV stations in 190 countries.


Kvarner Swim Challenge 2019, Krk - Cres - Rabac, 11. – 12. 10.

The Kvarner Swim Challenge swimming marathon will be the first swimming competition ever organized between the two largest Croatian islands, Krk and Cres, which ends on the Istrian coast in Rabac, the pearl of Kvarner. In two days 100 swimmers from all over Europe will swim 24 km, the first stage between Malinska, Glavotok and Beli and the second from Porozina via Plomin to Rabac. Swimmers will be divided into groups and may use a suit, swim blades or flippers. Take part in and follow this exciting swimming adventure.
Info: https://www.incroatia.co/kvarner-swim-challenge-2019/


Searching the St. Florentius’ Gold

Only three kilometres from the centre of Labin, join the adventure of searching for the lost Greek treasure and discover the cultural and historical heritage on the St. Florentius’ tourist-hiking trail in the village of Kranjci. According to a local legend, during the Byzantine period, the Greeks buried gold around the church of St. Florentius erected in the mid-6th century on a hill at the foot of the village. They were extremely rich, but a seven-year drought ensued, so they had to move out because of hunger. They loaded a lot of gold into small carts of horses, but the gold was too heavy, and with a secret vow, they buried it in a cauldron near the church. They never returned for gold, and the vow has remained a mystery to this day.
The Romanesque church of St. Florentius is a protected cultural property of the Republic of Croatia and is dedicated to the bishop of the same name who served in Istrian town of Novigrad in 524. In the 13th century, the locals also dedicated the church to St. St. Florentius, patron saint of hail, thunder and barrenness of the field, and the feast of St. Florentius is celebrated on October 27 with a Mass and a local fiesta.


Hotel Peteani

In the elegant modernist interior of the restaurant of the Boutique Hotel Peteani 4 * on the rise to Labin Old town, throughout the year, taste the best food from the local farms, always fresh Adriatic fish from the traps and Istrian meat delicacies. Superb local ingredients prepared in a simple and healthy way along with a rich wine cellar and sommelier’s recommendations will refresh your palate. Taste the best of Labin gastronomy in a renewed 1900 architectural pearl overlooking Labin and mount Učka peaks. Years of experience in catering and numerous awards won by chefs are a guarantee for your superb gastronomic experience.


Mushroom Treasures

Discover the autumn treasures of the Labin forests in the varied menus of our restaurants. Where the hills meet the sea, just a few kilometres away, the forests and glades around Labin and Rabac offer a great selection of mushrooms and autumn fruits that have been used for centuries in the local gastronomy. From the traditional fritaja with porcini mushrooms, pljukanci or fuži (home-made pasta) with porcini mushrooms and Istrian prosciutto, to chanterelle, black chanterelle or trooping funnel (martinčica in Croatian) after which the local society of mushroom pickers is named. After tasting the traditional recipes in restaurants, you can turn to the society members for some picking tips or go to harvests that they occasionally organize.
Society of mushrooms pickers of the Labin area Martinčica


Headboard Photo Stories

La Loggia Boutique Hotel in Labin moves the boundaries of tourist accommodation whose story is closely linked to the cultural and historical heritage of Labin. Located right next to the old town loggia, you can enjoy musical and poetic evenings here, sometimes see an exhibition and support young Labin photographers in a unique way. Namely, the headboards in each room feature artistic photographs taken by Labin photographers, depicting the details of Labin Old town, mining industrial heritage and antiques. You can try to find the attractive motifs while walking around the town, and the photographs are available from the hotel reception as a unique art souvenir and support to young artists.