Waking up overlooking the sea and the silvery reflection of the winter sun feeling the smell of warm homemade bread mixed with centuries-old memories of a town sleeping above the sea, is the privilege you can experience in Kvarner restaurant and inn. After you open the shutters on the medieval walls of Labin, enjoy the sunrise overlooking Rabac and the islands of Cres and Losinj, the tavern will welcome you with the traditional winter dishes of the Labin area: minestrone with trukinjica (corn), jota (sauerkraut with beans, barley, bacon, smoked meat and potatoes), pasutice with cod (ravioli with anchovy and cod  pate), krafi with truffles and pasta with chicken. When you get warmed by the fireplace, set off along the silent streets of Labin and listen to a story about the local goddess Sentona, the patron saint of travelers. Discover her beauty in the elegance of Labin noble architecture and numerous art galleries.
 Kvarner Restaurant, San Marco Promenade, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52852-336, www.kvarnerlabin.com


Skilful hands of the local ceramists joined the beauty of ancient architecture with the colours of the local landscape creating souvenirs that bear the atmosphere and warmth of Labin houses. From tiny windows with shutters up to small-sized copies of the local Venetian-style palaces, everything is painted with happy and warm colors. Red and yellow, blue and green, with its characteristic chimneys and balconies decorated with flowers, Labin souvenir houses invite you to find them. Choose the most beautiful and look for its location in the old town of Labin.  Don’t worry, you won’t get lost, because every house in Labin has at least one cat that will show you the right way.
 DIY Ceramic A.R., 8 Starci St., 52220 Labin, Mobile: +385 (0) 92 2122-565


While the northern wind bura the local gardens broskva defies it preserving the richness of vitamin C and fibers necessary for our health during winter time.  Ever since ancient times winter broskva was one of the essential food items for the locals who call it their vegetable queen.  It grows in large gardens and tiny back yards, and is harvested after the first frost in November, and eaten until early spring.  It is prepared in a similar manner as sauerkraut and sour turnip. Bouquets (shoots) are cleaned, cooked and fried in oil with the addition of salt, pepper and garlic.  In the area of Labin broskva was usually served in winter for lunch with warm polenta and fish stew.  Try the local dishes with broskva  offered in most local restaurants.


The city on the hill where the light is born, as the Celts once described Labin, is the artists’ oasis. They are lead by Vinko Šaina, an artist with an amazing creative power  Experiencing himself as a passer-by through the existence, he leaves deep scars in the minimalist and intense landscape colors of the Labin area. With his art work he restored the church of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, which has been converted into an art gallery Alvona, an iconic place of the local exhibitions and art performances.  Complete works of the artist, along with the past and future events in the gallery can be found on the new web site www.galerija-alvona.hr Or have a cup of biska and take a look at Vinko's work in his studio overlooking the Labin and its surroundings.
 Alvona Gallery, 15 G. Martinuzzi St., 52220 Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52852-082, Mobile: +385 (0) 98 1830-901, e-mail:galerija-alvona@pu.t-com.hr


Warm up the cold winter days with hot scents of essential oils from Labin.  The mother of all scents, as the aroma therapists call lavender, will relax you after a busy day.  Most of the local lavender is grown in the area of Sveti Martin, and as lavender prefers sun bathed higher altitudes, many local fields recently got new purple robes.  Essential oils and hidrolates with lavender, lavender soaps and decorative bags filled with lavender flowers for a natural and healthy scent of your living space can be found in Butega souvenir shop, in the old town of Labin, 1 Paolo Sfeci St., Mobile: 095 9087-866, and at the manufacturers:
 Klaudio Faraguna family farm, Phone: +385 (0) 52858-116, Mobile: +385 (0) 91892-5833, e-mail: klaudio.faraguna@pu.t-com.hr
Damir Dobrić family farm, Brovinje, Mobile: +385 (0) 91202-2027, e-mail: lavandadobric@gmail.com
Ornelo Negri family farm, 74 Nedešćina, Mobile: +385 (0) 91253-5249, e-mail: ornelo.negri@pu.t-com.hr


Start January with new healthy habits.  If you want milk and honey to flow in the New Year, enjoy in the relaxing massage at the beauty salon ‘Dibi’ in Labin.  With the motto ‘A smile on your face’ choose one of face and body  wellness treatments with honey and milk, a range of natural essential oils, grapes (wine therapy), olive oil and chocolate.  With the indispensable pedicure and manicure, maintain and improve your overall health status with physical therapy medical treatments performed by an experienced physical therapist and salon owner Valnea Čekada Dragičević.
 Beauty salon ‘Dibi’ 11 Zelenice St., 52220 Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52872-133