A kiss beside the waterfall, a romantic nighttime stroll around the old town and enjoying the sunset with a glass of local wine are all part of the experience intended for couples included in the new tourist Lovers’ path. Invigorating the traditional history of Labin fairs at which the local boys from itinerant goldsmiths and filigrees used to buy engagement rings for their girlfriends, the guests arriving to Labin and Rabac who are in love are offered with an unforgettable romantic experience. After a walk along the waterfalls at the foot of the old town, surprise your sweetheart and propose her at the art&gastro gallery at Negri palace, with exquisite Istrian wine or renew your marriage vows at sunset on the Marconi farm in Gora Glušići.

Negri Art&Gastro Gallery, Palazzo Negri, 11 G. Martinuzzi St., 52220 Labin, Mobile: +385 (0) 98219-524, Phone: + 385 (0) 52 875-280, www.negri-olive.com, e-mail: wnegri@globalnet.hr, info@negri-olive.com
Agritourism ‘Marconi’, Mario Vlačić, 25 Gora Glušići, 52220 Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52878-311, Mobile: +385 (0) 91516-5515, web: www.istra.hr/hr/smjestaj


After a romantic stroll through the old town celebrate Valentine's Day with a dinner in the warm ambience of the Velo Kafe restaurant, at the fireplace and with a new menu presenting Labin’s goddess Sentona – the patron of travelers, the beauty and love. From the divine Sentona’s menu have a taste of aphrodisiac fritaja with quail eggs and homemade Sentona’s cake of yellow sponge cake, fresh local curd and delicious toppings made of local figs. Since ancient times this fruit is considered to be of paradise origin, and its symbolism along with the original Labin sweet dessert will certainly inflame the passion among the lovers.
‘Velo Kafe’ Restaurant and café, 12 Titov trg, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52852-745, e-mail: alvona@pu.t-com.hr


Birds have always been considered a symbol of love and heralds of spring. Learn the story of Rabac origin and spend a romantic weekend with the best local wines and grappas packed in the original souvenir with Rabac sparrow. A legend says that the small village of Rabac was named after little sparrows (Croatian vrabac- a sparrow), who quenched thirst at the clear stream that still flows into the sea between the olive trees lining the Maslinica bay. At the mouth of brook the largest Rabac's beach was formed, and the memory of the legend is preserved in the original souvenir of Rabac – the ceramic sparrow on the bottle stand. After a glass of superior Labin wine maybe you’ll sing like a little sparrow, and give to your loved one a ring with engraved sparrows, a symbol of love and devotion.
Original sparrow souvenir made by Paola Zupičić can be purchased at Butega Souvenir Shop, old town of Labin, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Mobile: 095 9087-866, open weekdays and weekends from 9-7 PM.


Spice up your Valentine with a pleasant stay in a red outfit at four-star Villa Annette hotel in Rabac. Enjoy the best view of Rabac Bay and the islands of Cres and Lošinj and try the house brand of olive oil Villa Annette Selection. Olives are the pride and passion for family Peršić, which produces high quality olive oil from their olive groves in the vicinity of Rabac. Try frantoio, the spicy oil with a fruity scent with meat dishes, and experience the freshness and lightness of aromatic plants taste in local curd dressed with harmonious leccino, and a medium bitter oil Essentia Mediteranea will enrich the rich seafood menu and the indispensable Istrian minestrone. Professional staff will thereby provide an educational lecture on these varieties, and unique minimalist design bottles will be a unique gift from Rabac to your loved ones.
Hotel Villa Annette, 24 Raška St., 52221 Rabac, Phone: +385 52884222, e-mail: villa.annette@pu.t-com.hr, www.villa-annette.com


Celebrate the craziest month of the year with the carnival troupe Labinjoska Kompanija Domoća Folšarija that celebrates its 30th anniversary. After the members of the troupe hanged on the Town Hall building Non-culture, the main culprit for all of last year's troubles, and took the town keys, merry costumed carnival group organizes dances in the area.  On February 3rd a charity masquerade futsal tournament is going to be held in Labin sports hall.  Carnival parade Labin and traditional burning of the Pust will be held on February 18th.   Be what you've always wanted to be and have not dared and take part in the joy that you will remember all year.


In 2012 Labin Tourist Board began with the implementation of the new tourist project ‘Labin’s goddess Sentona - Labin / Rabac divine destination’.   The project aims to create a new tourist brand presenting the area of Labin and Rabac as a lifestyle destination of comfort, health, naturalness, and body and soul harmony. By bringing together the best of Labin, the project promotes the content and stories adapted to the requirements of the new trends in the tourism market which is based on authentic and original stories related to specific destinations.
Therefore, the native Liburnian goddess Sentona- a travelers’ patron was chosen as a symbol of the project.  She was worshiped in the area of Labin and from Raša to Plomin, witnessed with Roman votive monuments from I and II century AD, exhibited in the National Museum in Labin. The goddess is a symbol of protection, beauty and fertility, which provides refreshment and relaxation to all visitors.  Through the story of her gifts, among other things, tourists will be able to enjoy new walkways that will by introduced by Labin Tourist Board presenting the map of Divine trails and walking paths.  In Labin and Rabac restaurants you will be able to taste the special divine menus with local indigenous dishes, while in the wellness centers and beauty salons you will enjoy skin care treatments with local herbs and essential oils.  With the original Labin souvenirs Sentona the so-called healthy tables with homemade food and entertainment programs on Labin goddess hotel guests will be offered with a new and interesting additional content.  All products and services under this project will bear Sentona trademark that will soon be presented to the public.