March in Labin is dedicated to the memory of a famous church reformer from Labin, Matthias Flacius Illyricus (March 3rd 1520, Labin – March 11th 1575, Frankfurt am Main).  Learn all about the life of one of the most influential minds in 16th century Europe and a close associate of a reformer Martin Luther and visit Matthias Flacius Memorial Collection at Franković palace in the old town. There are exhibited copies of the most important specimens of his rich literary works, including his most famous works, ‘The Magdeburg Centuries’ (Church History in 13 volumes) and ‘A Key to the Scriptures’.  A theologian, church historian and professor of Greek and Latin, Flacius wrote over two hundred books and many professional articles, and it is interesting to have had as many as nineteen children.
Labin National Museum, 6 Prvog Maja, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852-477, E-mail: .  Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 7-14.


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In Due Fratelli, a family restaurant in Labin, every guest feels really spoiled.  For how could it not when you’re given an opportunity to taste sea specialties prepared of fish freshly caught from their ship.  One of the best known fish restaurants Labin is famous exactly for the dishes prepared according to the local recipes. With the best Istrian wines you’ll be served with cuttlefish stew with polenta, pljukanci (home-made pasta) with shrimps or Kvarner Bay squids prepared in a saucepan and served with black potatoes. In spring, a steak with asparagus sauce and salad with the local bitter wild vegetables is a must for meat lovers.  Finish your enjoyment in Labin traditional cuisine with delicious homemade pancakes with curds, honey and olive oil.

Due Fratelli Restaurant, 6 Montozi , Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 853 577, Mobile phone: +385 (0) 98 366 498,  (0)98 334 030, e-mail:,


Experience a unique blend of history and countryside holiday in Lazzarini-Battiala Palace within the countryside baroque castle (kaštel in Croatian) once owned by the baron Lazzarini, the last large landowner in Labin. The palace was built in 1797  and is located in Sveti  Martin located above the Raša river canyon and surrounded by small farms. Enjoy in one of the six comfortable apartments and the tavern with a fireplace and try some Istrian prosciutto, wine and Istrian soup.  Passing through the stone gates and ancient chestnut avenue you’ll reach the nearby parish church of St. Martin and the 16th century Church of Our Lady of Good Health. The Lazzarini- Battiala Palace is labeled Domus Bonus, a guarantee of the highest quality and most comfortable private accommodation in Istria.

Contact: Marija Belušić, 33 Kort, Sv.  Martin, 52231 Nedešćina, Phone: +385 (0) 52 865 578, Mobile phone: +385 (0) 91186-5578, Fax: +385 (0) 52880-114, e-mail:,


With spring arriving clean your body and become fit in Atlantis Fitness Center D & N in Labin. Eliminate stress by practicing Zumba aerobics, Thai Bo, step aerobics and fitness body building, and by a special Pilates anti-stress program with stimulating scents of rosemary and bay leaves’ essential oils. Laurel gives strength and stimulates the lymph, while rosemary accelerates blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system.  Atlantis Fitness Center is included in the Labin Healthy Town project by providing exercise for osteoporosis under the physiotherapist’s expert supervision. You can get tips for keeping fit and how to exercise properly by an experienced athlete Ivica Zubac, owner of the center and a former Croatian handball team member.

Atlantis Fitness Center, 1 Rudarska St.(Pjacal), Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 492-974, Mobile phone: 099 794-5868, .  Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9 -12 and 16:30- 22:30 Sat and Sun: 17-22.


After visiting the Matthias Flacius Memorial collection, head to ’Libretti i Rikordi’, a bookstore and antique shop near-by. It offers titles on the said most famous Labin-born resident, including a new guide about his life and work and postcards with his portrait reprints.  In a souvenir shop ‘Butega’ you'll find decorative boxes – books of a unique design with the image of Labin church reformer and his biography, made by Beti Kranjčević.  This is an ideal gift for all book and history lovers, and can serve as a place to store your favorite recipes and letters.

'Libretti i Rikordi' Bookstore and antique shop, 3 G. Martinuzzi, Labin Old Town, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852 264.  Opening hours Mon - Fri: 10-14.30, 18-20.30, Sat: 10-14.  E-mail:,
Butega Souvenir shop, Labin Old Town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Mobile phone: 095 9087-866.  Opening hours: every day 9 – 21.
Beti Kranjčević, Hand-made gallery Arthur, 15 Plomin Luka, Mobile phone: 091580-3024.