Summer Carnival on 16. 6.

Labinjonska kumpanija ‘Domoća folšarija’ (‘Local Fools’) organizes carnival which marks the beginning of summer season. A variety of carnival groups will gather in front of Narcis Hotel in Maslinica Bay. The colorful carnival parade accompanied by musicians will walk down the Rabac promenade to the waterfront, where the presentation of all groups will take place. The frisky group ends its journey at Girandella tourist resort beach where the carnival party starts in the evening.

Once upon a time… on my grandma's menu 24. 6.

The most popular summer culinary event in Rabac and Labin shall be held several times during summer. This all-evening-round party includes the best traditional dishes of the local restaurants Velo Kafe, Nostromo, Tina and Tomažići, as well as award-winning local wines such as Calypsa Nera produced by Goran Baćac and Romeo Licul’s malvasia and teran. Don’t miss the specialties by Bani prosciutto plant and Zlata mini cheese dairy from Čepić, proud bearers of original Sentona trademark quality for their products: prosciutto and olives spread and hard and semi-hard cow’s cheese. Enjoy the folk dances and music and discover the secret of the best prosciutto drying technique in Labin area, the one from Ravni village.
The event starts at 8:30 PM on the waterfront in Rabac.

St Peter's Day 30. 6.

The traditional Labin's fest celebrates the Saints Peter and Paul Day. Ever since ancient times, the longest days of the year were ideal for organizing fair (known as 'samanj' in the local dialect) where people used to sell homemade products from Labin area and other parts of Istria, and successful trade was always concluded with a toast of wine and entertainment. This year, visitors to 'Petrova' on the main square in Old Town will enjoy the performance by a popular folk band Šćike from Kršan and a singer Serđo Valić. Grand opening and Labin Art Republic is scheduled after midnight. Homemade Istrian products will be sold on stalls along with to the presentation of Istrian olive oil.
Start from 8 PM, Labin, Titov trg (Old Town)

Bio Well Sentona

Start your summer holiday with relaxing beauty treatments, health care and emotional experience at a specialized Sentona Bio Well center in Mediteran Residence hotel in Rabac. In a pleasant surroundings steeped in aromatherapy and relaxing music, enjoy the authentic beauty biowell programs based on local essential oils and minerals from nature. Relax in the 'Sentona's bliss' - vitalizing massage with essential oils of lavender, rosemary and bay leaves, 'Sentona's harmony' - a massage with essential oils of rosemary and the program 'Sentona's satin touch' with olive oil for hydration and long-term hands and feet care. Bio Well shop offers original Sentona natural cosmetics, handmade jewelry made of olives and cornel. For a goddess like feeling during an evening walk treat yourself with a unique Sentona's dress.
Sentona Bio Well, Hotel Mediteran Residence, Rabac, Ino: +385 (0)99 794 58 68, (0)91 1184-728, e-mail: biowell.sentona@hotmail.com

The newly renovated Narcis Hotel

This season Maslinica Hotels & Resorts offers its guests an enjoyable experience at the newly four star hotel Narcis. Located in the most beautiful bay of Rabac, Maslinica Bay, Narcis Hotel exudes warmth and elegance with its new white interior and exterior. The beauty of the natural environment with numerous olive trees complements a beautiful swimming pool within the hotel. If you want to fully experience all the natural benefits of Rabac, try out a healthy breakfast menu with home-dried fruit and cereals, and walk down Sentona's trail Rabac - Labin along the waterfall and streams located just a five minute walk from the hotel.
Hotel Narcis Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Info: +385 (0)52 884-150, 884-170, 884-172, e-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com

Lavender magic

Experience the beauty of lavender fragrance in lavender fields at Faraguna family farm in Sveti Martin, located 10 km from Labin (by appointment only). Purple fields of mother of all fragrances, as lavender was once called, will enchant you with its colors and surely draw you to reap at least one beam. You can find natural cosmetics made with lavender: essential oil, scented sachets, flower water for air refreshment, soaps and moisturizers, all marked as original Sentona's souvenirs at Butega souvenir shop in Labin old town, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Info: +385 (0)95 9087-866 . All the benefits of massage with lavender essential oil experience in wellness treatments of the goddess Sentona in Valamar Sanfior hotels, Albona Hotel & Residence and Maslinica hotels in Rabac.
Family farm 'Lavanda Faraguna' owner: Klaudio Faraguna, 357 Vinež, 52220 Labin, Info: +385 (0)52 858-116, +385 (0)91 8925-833, e-mail: klaudio.faraguna@pu.t-com.hr
Family farm Ornela Negri, 74 Nedešćina , Info: +385 (0)91 2535-249, e-mail: ornelo.negri@pu.t-com.hr
Hotel Valamar Sanfior Rabac, Massage studio, Reservation Center info: +385 (0)52 465-200, e-mail: reservations@valamar.com , mobile phone: +385 (0)98 9389-367, www.valamar.com
Albona Hotel & Residence Rabac, Reservation Center info: +385 (0)52 465-200, E-mail: reservations@valamar.com, mobile phone: +385 (0)95 8063-556, www.valamar.com
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Info: +385 (0)52 884-150, 884-170, 884-172, e-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com, www.maslinica-rabac.com