Experience the traditional way of Easter holiday celebration in restaurants Velo Kafe, Kvarner and Markus, offering traditional dishes that used to be prepared during the Holy Week in the town and surrounding villages. Good Friday menu included cod in so-called ‘white sauce’ served with pasutice (sort of homemade pasta). Two kinds of bread were baked on Holy Saturday, a salty one made of wheat flour, and the sweet one made using eggs, sugar, lemon, raisins and vanilla. Nowadays your Labin hosts will offer you sweet pinca (Easter bun) and krastor, sweet braided bread with a boiled egg in it.
After the morning mass and blessing of ham, eggs, onions and chives – have a cup of coffee on the terrace of Velo Kafe, the town's most popular café, and feel the charm of Labin chats while sipping coffee with a view of the medieval walls. Velo Kafe Easter lunch menu offers a taste of maneštra, homemade minestrone soup with trukinjica (local dialect word meaning corn) and barley, dried pork shoulder-joint roasted in olive oil with fresh onions and chives. Local taverns, called konobe, serve traditionally prepared lamb roasted under a baking lid (known as črepnja) with onions and rosemary. Easter dining ends with the most popular local specialty-the krafi, a kind of sweet dessert. This sort of ravioli is filled up with cheese, raisins and nuts and served with the sweet sauce, whereas the salty krafi are served with meat sauce.

Restaurant and Café Velo Kafe, 12 Titov trg, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852-745

The abundant holiday table will also be decorated with wild asparagus in fritaja (fried eggs) or fuži (sort of homemade pasta) and prosciutto.

Restaurant Kvarner, Šetalište San Marco bb, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852-336

Toast with a glass of local wine from indigenous sorts from over one- hundred- year-old vines grown by a winemaker and restaurateur Dino Knapić in the picturesque village of Ripenda, situated 2 km off Labin. Taste a unique bouquet of grapes maturing 330 meters above the sea with plenty of sunshine and the breeze of salty sea air.

Restaurant and inn Markus, Phone: +385 (0) 98 9651 311, www.markus.hr


Long Walk Day, April 16th 2011 (Hiking from Brseč to Skitaca)
Meet the most beautiful hiking trails in the Labin area on the longest route of the Labin hiking track that extends from the Sisol peak, south end of mount Učka ridge above Brseč village, to Skitača in the south part of Labin area peninsula. Whole day walking releases all tension and stress, and the view, on one side to the endless blue sea and the neighboring islands of Cres and Losinj, and on the other to the bellowers in Istrian medieval towns in the countryside, will leave you breathless. Long Walk Day is organized by Mountaineering Society Skitaci from Labin.

Plan routes and contacts: www.skitaci.com, e-mail:  pd.skitaci@pu.t-com.hr, Vedran Kos mob: 091 5437-697

Voga Teleferika April 17th 2011
In the Rabac dialect voganje means rowing. Preserving the tradition of local fishermen who considered their boats as their second home, eleven years in a row the rowboat race Voga teleferika is held, starting from the Rabac waterfront coast and finishing on the right side of the Rabac bay next to the remains of Teleferika – wire mill once used to transport bauxite from the Labin mines. Feel the warmth of Rabac hospitality by joining this folk gathering which begins in the morning by preparing grilled sardines, and ends with tasting indigenous wines from the Labin area and the local Istrian music. This race also marks the summer season opening.

Location: Waterfront in Rabac
Event duration: 10:00-17:00


After a whole day hiking, relax in an oasis of pleasure in the wellness center at Valamar Sanfior Hotel in Rabac. Refresh your body with the benefits of massage and treatment with curative effects of seaweed, get fit with anti-cellulite treatment, and clean your energy bio-fields with crystal therapy and Fango treatments with green clay. Prepare for the summer season by swimming in the indoor pool overlooking the sea, and rejuvenate your skin in the Finnish and Turkish saunas and beauty center.

Valamar Sanfior reservation center: Phone: +385 52 465 200
www.valamar.com/hr/sanfior-hotel-rabac/wellness, e-mail: reservations@valamar.com



Replace your alarm clock sound and morning city jam noise and wake up listening to a cock-a-doodle-doo, feeling the fresh scent of pine and cedar trees at Pineta castle rural household. In the village of Sveti Martin, 10 km from Labin in the castle once belonged to the Lazzarinis, a noble family from Labin, feel the rustic atmosphere of peace and warmth of the farm, ride on horseback through the pine forest or relax in the indoor pool overlooking the fields and sea.

Kaštel Pineta, Sv. Martin 32/b,  52231 Nedešćina
www.kastelpineta.com, e-mail: info@kastelpineta.com.
Phone: +385 (052) 865-688, fax: 865-015, mob: 385 (0)91 1865-688


Once the grains were the basis of diet on Labin, and the long tradition of making authentic cookware from clay and ceramic pottery is preserved in Merania pottery workshop in Labin. In replicas of vessels in which our grandmothers used to cook you can taste the authentic flavors of cereals and other foods and thus have a beneficial effect on your health. Ceramic peka (baking lid) of refractory clay is ideal for preparing meat and vegetable preserving the original taste of foods, whereas a large ceramic bowl called terina, used to serve polenta, potatoes or salads, is also a nice decorative item in the kitchen. Decorate your home interior with the original Labin ceramics, and surely you will find a place to put one of the most popular souvenirs of our region - hand-painted bukaleta – wine pot, a symbol of unity and prosperity.

Gallery Merania, The old town of Labin, 1 Maja bb, Phone: +385 (0)52 852 466, GSM: +385 (0) 95 90 77 015, 90 77 015, www.merania.hr, e-mail: merania@pu.t-com.hr


Albona, a pearl of medieval architecture situated on a 320- meter- high hill overlooking the white pebble beaches under it, is the ideal place in spring for romantic strolls among the aristocratic palaces and quiet little streets full of art galleries. Besides the spectacular views from the town walls on the Kvarner islands, Istrian countryside and mount Učka, the main attraction of the old town is the National Museum Labin. Housed in a baroque Battiala-Lazzarini palace, it offers a replica of a mining shaft in its ground floor, which recalls the rich history of coal mining in this area. Because of this unique setup Lonely Planet listed Labin Museum among the 10 most original museums in Croatia.
The medieval spirit and rich cultural heritage of Labin is also presented in the Memorial collection of Labin’s most famous inhabitant, the Renaissance philosopher and Lutheran reformer Matija Vlačić Ilirik, a close associate of Martin Luther.

National Museum Labin, 6 1. svibnja, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 852-477, Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-13:00