Blue Flag

Rabac is called a “Pearl of Kvarner Bay” due to its white pebble beaches, rich mediterranean vegetation and crystal-clear, clean and translucent sea water.

No wonder Rabac was awarded the “Blue Flag” eco-mark in 2002.

The “Blue Flag” is an international ecological award, a programme of environmental awareness and eduction and coastal protection run by the international foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in Europe and other parts of the world. It aims at making beaches better and safer for swimming, while, at the same time, protecting their natural environment.

Criteria of the "Blue Flag" programme

Cleanliness of sea and beach
  • clean bathing water which is verified by sample measurements every fortnight during the bathing season
  • no disposal of industrial and urban effluent waters without proper treatment
  • sufficient number of garbage bins, which are emptied regularly
  • regular cleaning of the beach and garbage collection
Protection of nature and environmental awareness
  • printed information and codes of conduct for the beach and surrounding areas with sensitive natural environment, flora or fauna
  • beyond just simple information, the organisation of activities which actively promote the natural environment of the beach and the need to protect it
What a visitor of the beach can do
  • Uživajte u ovoj plaži s “Plavom zastavom”, ali nam također pomažite da je očuvamo.
    Ako ste zadovoljni s plažom, recite nam.
    Ako primjetite kakav nedostatak, molimo Vas obavijestite o tome voditelja plaže čije se ime nalazi na oglasnoj ploči pokraj osmatračnice.

    Fee – Kopenhagen, Danska

    Zaklada za odgoj i obrazovanje za okoliš,

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