The Market

From the early morning hours, the Labin Market comes alive with colourful displays of fresh fruits and vegetables, which local farmers bring from their gardens. The diversity and quality of the offer are a reflection of the fertile Istrian soil and the effort that goes into each harvested foodstuff. Besides fruits and vegetables, the market is known for its excellent selection of fresh fish, owing to the richness of the Adriatic Sea which hugs the shores of Labin.

What makes the Labin Market special are its people: the sellers and the visitors. It’s characterized by warmth, hospitality and willingness to talk. The market is not only a place of business. It’s a lively place where you can meet and socialise, where everyday life is intertwined with tradition, and each visit provides a unique experience.

In addition to fresh produce, the Labin Market is also known for its wide selection of local products, including olive oil, cheese, homemade sausages, honey, and wines. These products are a result of knowledge and tradition that have been cherished for generations, and by purchasing them, the visitors not only enjoy the finest flavours, but also support the local economy and the preservation of cultural heritage.


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