Restaurant Sentona - Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior

Gifts of Goddess Sentona
Kvarner sardines in sour marinade
Homemade Istrian pasta - Fuži with asparagus and Istrian goat cheese chips
White fish fillet in fennel sauce
Aromatic palenta with wild kale
Seasonal salad
Fritters (fritule) with fig and roasted almond sauce
Liburnian rhapsody
Istrian curd with olive oil
Lamb with spring onions and garlic
Roasted potato halves with rosemary
Spring leaf salad
Labinski krafi - traditional Istrian sweet cheese filled ravioli
Hidden charm of sage
Cod fish pate with olives and toasted corn bread
Minestrone with young corn
Turkey breast with sage
Swiss chard with potatoes and fennel
Lettuce and rucola salad
Istrian povetica - rolled pastry filled with walnuts and apple
Wonders of lavender
Prosciutto with goat cheese and olive oil
Brodet (mixed fish stew) with home made
Istrian pasta
Leafy salad with toasted Mediterranean bread
Pancakes with curd and lavender honey
Cocktail Sentona
Delicious and seductive purple short digestive cocktail with wild fruit vodka, syrup of lavender and cointreau liqueur.