Gastro - Eno

Discover the unique flavors of Labin area in all seasons with authentic dishes prepared following our grandmas’ recipes.

In spring, Labin area gastronomy breathes fresh scents of abundant bitter vegetables, from wild asparagus and mushrooms found in groves, to meadows with radicchio and black bryony and marine rocks full of refreshing samphire. Every spring Wild Plants Festival of these extremely healthy foods is held in Kršan.

In summer, pamper your taste buds with the best Croatian shrimps from the Kvarner Bay, famous for their size and quality. Treat yourself with Istrian sea treasures profusion, from white and oily fish to delicious shellfish, in numerous Rabac seafront restaurants, Labin Old town or in taverns in Trget in Raša Bay and in Plomin.

In autumn, don’t miss truffles from Čepić fields, gnocchi, fuži and pljukanci (homemade pasta) with pumpkin and chestnuts and meat delicacies from Labin prosciutto plant dried in Kvarner northern wind called bura. Istrian prosciutto, sausages, pork loin, home-made prosciutto and olive spreads without additives, will delight you with their quality, as well as high-class meat of the Istrian cattle breed called boškarin from controlled origin with AZRRI (Agency for Rural Development of Istria) Certificate available from restaurants Kvarner, Dorina, Riva and tavern Nando.

In winter, tuck yourself near the traditional open fireplace with hot maneštrica (minestrone soup), jota (sauerkraut and bean soup), and dried cod in white sauce with pasutice (homemade pasta) with Savoy cabbage, harvested with the first frost in November and eaten until early spring. It is mainly served for lunch with warm polenta and fish stew.

The gastronomic symbol of Labin is called labinski krafi – sort of ravioli served as a sweet dessert or savory. You can taste them in various tastes in all restaurants and at Krafifest held in Kršan in spring.

Finest sorts of cheese from Čepić fields, Sveti Martin and Šumber are perfectly complemented with the world award-winning extra virgin olive oil Negri and Belić (Oleum viride) and Oil Perin and Villa Annette Selection. For years now, Negri and Belić oils are included in the famous top quality global olive oil guide Flos Olei.

The tradition of winemaking in Labin area dates back to the 19th century village of Sveti Martin and Pićan surroundings, where nowadays multiple award-winning Malvasia, Merlot, Teran and Muscat are produced. On Ripenda Breg above Rabac over a hundred year old wine sorts can be tasted. Don’t miss Labin Area Wine Road, especially cheerful in November when must is baptized in Sveti Martin and Sveta Nedelja, and in May and November visit  Pićan and its festivals of wine from eastern Istrian vineyards.

The finest food & wine from Labin area with the best of Istrian cuisine are offered as part of Sentona’s indigenous menus and from Istrian Lifestyle event - the original Istrian gastronomic and hand-made festival, held from June to September in Rabac.