Sentona's Trail

Labin - Rabac

Welcome to the trail of Labin's goddess Sentona, the patroness of travelers, which will lead you from the medieval Labin to the beautiful coastline of Rabac.

The Old town of Labin keeps the spirit of antiquity and mysticism, luring you to discover its charm and beauty. Visit Narodni muzej (Labin Museum), the Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus and Labin artists' art studios. Enjoy the magnificent view from the Fortica over Rabac, Cres and Učka (the highest Istrian Mountain – 1.396 m).

Walk down Aleja Velikana and over the pine forest (Pineta) till you reach the point where the trail runs next to the Labin Rabac Tourist Board Office, leading to Rabac.

With the fresh scent of laurel and maritime pine, Sentona reveals the most beautiful protected natural landscape in Labin area. The goddess takes you back to your childhood and the forgotten landscapes from your imagination. Fairy groves intersected by streams and rapids over crossed with seven bridges, while Pećina stream waterfalls overflow through the winding tuff barriers. In just a few minutes from the trail, on an old path that once connecting Labin and Rabac stand the ruins of the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian (12th / 13th century). The spring water was once used to run an old mill whose ruins stand near the largest waterfall that pours into the turquoise lake in the stream valley in Maslinica bay.

Welcome to Rabac – ‘The Pearl of Kvarner’, proud of the most beautiful beaches in Istria and the crystal clear sea. Choose your place in one of the many coves and enjoy!

Trail length 3.7 km
Duration 1.30 h


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