Meet Sentona

Welcome to Labin and Rabac, destination of Labin’s goddess Sentona - the patroness of travellers. Indulge yourself in discovering the gifts of this Liburnian goddess worshiped in the area of ​​Labin, Raša and Plomin in the 1st and 2nd century AD. Discover the amazing world of protected natural landscape on Sentona’s trail that takes you from the sea to Labin Old town walls, a medieval pearl of southern Istria. Have a look at Roman votive monuments honoring Sentona from the Lapidarium at Labin National Museum. Choose a healthy meal from Sentona’s authentic menu and enjoy your dessert – Sentona cake. At the end of the day relax in the divine spa treatments with natural cosmetics from local essential oils, followed by light Sentona’s dinner with Sentona cocktail by the sea.

Sentona’s Trail Rabac - Labin

Can you imagine turquoise lake and waterfalls close to the sea? Just five minute walk from the beautiful bay of Rabac, with the fresh scent of pine and laurel, the patroness of travelers reveals the most beautiful protected natural landscape in Labin area. The goddess takes you back to your childhood and the forgotten landscapes of your imagination. Fairy groves intersected by streams and rapids over crossed with seven bridges while the Pećina stream waterfalls overflow through the winding tuff barriers. Spring water used to run an old mill whose ruins stand near the largest waterfall pouring into the turquoise lake. From Vrućak and Blažićevo wells next to the large waterfall, the trail will take you along the water cascades to the mysterious Negri's cave with a well hidden inside. The trail continues along Podvinje, once the main town garden, up to Labin Old town.

Trail length 3.7 km

Labin City Museum - Lapidarium

Sentona is the indigenous goddess of Liburnian-Celtic origin who was worshiped in the area of ​​Labin and from Raša to Plomin. It is assumed that the name comes from the Celtic word sentu meaning ‘the way’ and is considered the patroness of travelers, roads, beauty and femininity. Some historians associate her with the Slavic goddess Vida and the Greek goddess Hera. Roman votive monuments from the 1st and 2nd century AD serve as evidence of her worship in this area. Lapidarium at Labin City Museum includes four Roman votive altars dedicated to Sentona. Nine Roman votive altars were found, four of which in Labin, four in Plomin, and one in Katun near Boljun. Lapidarium also includes the most important monument of Labin from the Roman period - the inscription Res Publica Albonessium from 245 AD. This is the first written monument mentioning the name of the city. Furthermore, it proves that Labin had the status of a Roman municipality. There’s also a precious collection of amphorae (1st century BC to 1st century AD).

Labin City Museum
6 1. Maja, Labin
T +385 (0)52 852 477
M +385 (0)99 261 3276

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10 AM to 1 PM
July and August: 10 AM to 1 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM, Sunday closed

Organized groups: by appointment only (outside the specified time).

Sentona’s Lunch and Cake

Have a seat by the traditional Istrian open fireplace or on the terrace under the old wisteria shed overlooking Labin Old town and try the original Sentona’s menu and her delicious cake. Discover the authentic Labin dishes prepared in a creative and modern way adapted to seasons of healthy local ingredients. From light sea bass fillet on Savoy cabbage with lemon and basil to nettle gnocchi with mashed pumpkin pure served with sprinkled chestnut. Fuži (homemade pasta) with local porcini mushrooms and trooping funnel are especially delicious in spring and fall, while Sentona’s cake of yellow sponge cake, fresh ricotta cheese and homemade fig jam, is a perfect way to end every lunch or enjoy with a cup of afternoon coffee. With a glass of local Malvasia or sweet Muscat, your gastronomic delight will be complete.

Velo kafe Restaurant and café
12 Titov trg, Labin
T +385 (0)52 852 745

Divine Wellness Pleasures

Indulge in the pleasures of the specially created wellness rituals of the goddess Sentona with local essential oils and discover the beauty of fragrances of Sentona’s natural cosmetics. 90-minute Sentona aroma massage with local essential oils of laurel, lavender and rosemary will relax and revitalize your body, and the said herbs are main ingredients of handmade soaps, relax baths and fragrant sachets for perfuming your home. Continue your relax ritual in the Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and a whirlpool tub with stunning views over the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Overlooking the Kvarner bay, feel the pleasure of Sentona’s detox massage and peeling with olive oil, sea salt, sage honey and lavender essential oil. This relaxing ritual lasts for 80 minutes and ends with a massage with olive oil and lavender, rosemary and sage essential oils.

Valamar Bellevue Hotel 4*, Rabac
T +385 (0)52 862 242

Albona Hotel & Residence 3*, Rabac
T +385 (0)52 862 530
M +385 (0)95 806 3556

Sentona’s Dinner with Cocktail

Sentona Restaurant at Valamar Bellevue 4* in Rabac offers all the luxury for the palate from four original menus: 'Goddess Sentona’s Gifts', 'The Hidden Charms of Sage', 'The Taste of Lavender' and 'Liburnian Rhapsody'. The divine flavors will take you to all parts of Labin area: fuži (homemade pasta) with asparagus take you to green woods, Istrian sheep cheese chips on meadows and pastures, dried cod and Kvarner sardines in savor to the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, and Istrian prosciutto with olives and polenta with Savoy cabbage on a trip to grandma’s kitchen. Finish your divine day with the original cocktail Sentona - a seductive purple digestive with lavender syrup and wild berries.

Valamar Bellevue Hotel 4*, Rabac
T + 385 (0)52 862 220, 465 200