In the Natural Wellness

Renew your body and spirit in the natural wellness of Rabac, the pearl of Kvarner bay. In every corner of its blue and green scenery Rabac provides the harmony and beauty for all senses: from divine treatments with local natural essential oils, discovering hidden charms of the seaside promenades and through the olive groves, to romantic dinners by the sea with a view of the artistic sculptures dedicated to female beauty and the sea.

Health Sources in Maslinica Bay

Begin your morning healthy, have a walk, go jogging or roller-skating from Rabac waterfront to the most beautiful bay known as Maslinica. Throughout the year Maslinica Hotels & Resorts pay special attention to landscaping in front of their four hotels surrounded with colorful rose gardens, palm trees, magnolias and fragrant rosemary. Stroll through olive groves where guests with their hosts pick olives and produce olive oil in autumn. Near Sentona’s trail start there’s a well Rabac was named after. Legend says that a small coastal town was named after sparrows (vrapčići in Croatian) that quenched thirst at the clear stream that still flows into the sea between olive tree lines. Thus, the largest and most beautiful beach in Rabac, Maslinica, was created at a place where spring waters meet the sea.

Natural  Spa Treatments

After your morning recreation, treat yourself with an unforgettable experience with seven new wellness treatments, 'In the Arms of the Goddess Sentona' in Maslinica Hotels & Resorts. Follow Labin’s goddess patroness of travellers,  relax and discover the magic of the local homemade essential oils of lavender, sage, laurel and rosemary, almond and olive oil and aromatic mineral baths. Awaken the spring in yourself and remove fatigue with Awakening Goddess exfoliating massage with sage. Relax with Goddess in Balance antidepressant massage with lavender, Aroma Relax Goddess massage for tired muscles and feet with sage or Power Goddess - anti-stress massage with laurel to stimulate lymph flow.

Maslinica Hotels & Resorts Rabac
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Captain’s Dinner

Following the local maritime tradition, one of the best restaurants of southern Istria, with a memorable view of Rabac bay offers a rich variety of healthy authentic dishes Captain’s love stories and exciting fishing stories of seductive sirens will introduce you to ancient times of fishermen’s Rabac. Only a few meters from the sea enjoy light dishes rich in vegetables and fish: sea starter with garlic and celery, fish fillet with Labin herbs (rosemary, sage and bay leaf), prawns in caper sauce, polenta and wild asparagus soup, dried cod in white sauce and delicious homemade figs in honey.

Hotel and restaurant Nostromo
Obala maršala Tita 7, Rabac

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Hidden Charms Promenade

Be adventurous and discover the Hidden Charms promenade. Start from the peninsula of St. Andrea with the small 15th century church of the same name, the oldest building in resort Rabac. At the end of promenade, the walk way turns into gravel road leading to Prižnja bay from where you move toward Prohaska. Prohaska is one of the most beautiful parts of Rabac, named after the family of a merchant from Rijeka, originally from the Czech Republic, who had a mansion built in this part of Rabac, destroyed in the past. In late spring, summer and early autumn, on your way back choose your place of intimacy in one of the bays with white pebbles; cool down in the crystal clear turquoise sea surrounded with aromatic scents of pine, rosemary and sage. Finish your walk with fun and recreation (diving, windsurfing, water skiing, and Aqua Park) on Andrea, Girandella and Lanterna beaches marked with ecological Blue Flag for years now.

Promenade length 4.7 km

An Ode to Female Beauty and the Sea

Enjoy artworks celebrating female beauty and the sea outdoors, and make your own artistic photo shoot. On St. Andrea peninsula, under the eponymous church you’ll find ‘The Pearls’, ambient sculpture on the rock, made by the artist Vasko Lipovac. Scattered stone balls like pearls in the game harmoniously adorn walls between small white beaches calling you to climb on them. Across the street, almost seamlessly blended in a park along the promenade, stands a sculpture ‘The Woman Bathing’, a work by artist Mate Čvrljak. About fifty meters above the sea promenade in the garden of the Hotel Marina you can see the sculpture ‘Resting’ by the same artist, which shows a woman relaxing in a semi-reclining position.

Romantic Dinner by the Sea

In every season the Rabac promenade (Lungomare) from Maslinica bay to St. Andrea peninsula offers memorable gastronomic pleasures in numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. With the evening breeze and the salty smell of sea, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants with fish or meat specialties with a glass of Istrian wine, while your children enjoy kids’ menus, named after sailors and captains. For you night out choose from a variety of cocktails at the Rabac waterfront or treat yourself with fruit ice cream.