Artists’ Town

Once upon a time the Celts named Labin Albuin – a place on the hill where the light is born. Climb up to Fortica and enjoy the unforgettable sunrise over Kvarner islands while a string of white Rabac beaches is awakening underneath you. Walk around the town of artists’ quiet streets and squares packed with art galleries and studios; discover numerous noble palaces and the highest Labin bell tower of St. Justus. There are more than thirty professional artists in Labin. The town is also known for its longstanding cultural event Labin Art Republic. Visit the City Art Gallery, meet the artists, visit the traditional pottery manufacture and select some of the many artistic souvenirs. End your day with a stroll through Dubrova Sculpture Park, an open-air gallery of the greatest Croatian and international artists’ works.

Alvona Gallery and Vinko Šaina's Art Studio

Endless horizons extending from Labin Old town walls are a common motif of inspiration to Labin artist Vinko Šaina. One of the most famous artists from Labin settled his studio and restored the picturesque church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on 'the hill where the light is born'. The church has been converted into an art gallery Alvona, cult place for exhibitions and art performances in Labin. After years of extensive restoration this unique blend of religious architectural heritage and modern art hosted exhibitions by the leading Croatian artists: Edo Murtić, Ivan Kožarić and Vasko Lipovac. Opposite the gallery there is Vinko Šaina's art studio with ancient stone well and beautiful view of Labin and its surroundings.

Alvona Gallery
G. Martinuzzi 15, Labin

T +385 (0)52 852 082
M +385 (0)98 1830 901

Traditional Pottery Manufacture

In the picturesque Merania pottery studio, located in Labin Old town, the Jenkel family preserves the tradition of ceramic tableware once used in the area of Labin. A ceramic baking lid (čripnja in the local dialect) was the basic part of cooking utensils used to prepare food in the open fire.  Other than this classic-style baking lid, Merania offers baking lids for bread, various pots, tableware and all sorts of cooking and baking vessels, including  the most popular souvenir- hand- painted boccalettas for wine and Istrian supa (a specialty made of hot wine, usually Teran, olive oil, sugar, salt, pepper and a slice of overdone bread).  Feel the clay on your hands and try working on the potter’s wheel in the studio. Merania also offers a visit to its ceramic manufactory in Raša. The organized one hour tour includes the entire production process, presentation of the potter's wheel and making of the Istrian jug boccaletta and traditional technique of Majolica painting. Visits are organized by appointment, and are available in English, Croatian and Italian.

Merania Gallery
1. Maja bb, Labin

T +385 (0)52 852 466
M +385 (0)91 544 4918, +385 (0)95 9077 015

Labin City Art Gallery

A few meters away from Merania studio, across Labin City Museum and the 14th century parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, visit the City Art Gallery founded in 1999. You'll always find an interesting exhibition to see in here. The gallery is known for its exhibitions and projects by Labin, Istrian, Croatian and interCity productions. It hosted exhibitions by the leading painters and sculptors from Labin. Besides the well-established Croatian authors' exhibitions, the gallery regularly hosts recent works and installations by the younger generation of Croatian artists.

Labin City Art Gallery
1. Maja 5, Labin

T +385 (0)52 852 123

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10 AM to 2 PM
June: 10 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM
July and August: 10 AM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 11 PM

Dubrova Sculpture Park

Enjoy a walk round Dubrova, one of the most beautiful Croatian sculpture parks, founded 45 years ago. The park is located at the entrance to Labin on the main road Labin - Rijeka next to Dubrova restaurant. The mythical grove surrounding the 17th century baroque country-estate of the local patrician family Franković is home to 94 sculptures made by famous Croatian and interCity artists, from Raul Goldoni and Dušan Džamonja to Marija Ujević and Joost Barbiers. Within the park stroll down Bijela Cesta (the White Road), spatial-artistic project made of works at the InterCity Sculpture Symposium. Step out of your comfort zone inspired by Jozef Jankovič’s ‘The Breakthrough’ or hug a loved one standing next to ‘The King and Queen’ by Zvonimir Kamenar.

The park is open to public all year round and admission is free of charge.

Rural Cuisine Art

Finish your day of art with a dinner in the rustic ambience of the village Tomažići. The Licul - Verbanac family offers the homemade cuisine experience, which even inspired some Labin artists for their performances. In a natural setting with a carefully landscaped park decorated with antique tools, you’ll be greeted with a welcome aperitif biska (homemade grappa). Start your dinner with marinated anchovies in lemon juice and olive oil with the Mediterranean herbs, followed by a selection of traditional hand-made Labin pasta. Green Tortiglioni of fresh basil stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese will delight you with their colors combined with soft fresh cheese made of whey. Enjoy the abundance of Labin forests with homemade ravioli filled with venison in mixed mushroom sauce perfumed with Teran wine, while a selection of Istrian wines is waiting for you in the wine cellar.

Restaurant Tomažići
Tomažići 59 a, Nedešćina

T +385 (0)52 865 535
M +385 (0)91 1396 430