Labin Country Arcadia

Discover the picturesque villages of Labin area and enjoy the taste of local food, olive oil and the finest wines from Labin Wine Road, in the agritourism estates and country taverns. The tradition of winemaking in the village of Sveti Martin dates back to the 19th century, and the old baronial castle and palace were converted into idyllic country holiday homes. West of Labin, on the southernmost point of Labin peninsula meet Skitača village and walk Sage trail and St. Lucy’s trail, to a place of pilgrimage. And only three kilometers from Labin Old town in the village Kranjci engage in the adventure of discovering the buried treasure on St. Florentius’ trail.

The Legend of St. Florentius' Treasure

Get into the adventure of discovering the legend of Roman treasure buried under the church of St. Florentius in the village of Kranjci. At the end of a two km long trail that passing by gardens, vineyards and forest groves, stands one of the most beautiful 6th century Istrian Romanesque churches, included in the List of protected cultural goods. According to the local legend, the church was built by the Greeks during the Byzantine times. They were extremely wealthy, but a seven year draught followed and because of hunger they had to move.  They packed their small chariot with gold. Since the gold was too heavy, they buried a part of it in a cauldron around St. Florentius’ church with a secret vow. They’ve never returned for the gold, and the vow remains a secret. In the church dedicated to St. Florentius, the bishop, and the Co-Patron St. Rocco you’ll find a valuable altar with stone plates decorated with braided ornamentation.

Distance from Labin: 3 km.  Follow the road from Labin Old town to the cemetery and Kranjci village (20 minutes from Kranjci).

Country Feast at the Tavern

After walking down St. Florentius’ trail delight your palate in the home atmosphere of a tavern with traditional Labin food. In a village Rogočana near the trail taste homemade maneštra (minestrone with beans and barley), fuži (homemade pasta) with pork ribs and asparagus sauce, rock samphire and shrimp risotto, gilthead bream with polenta and kale and zavajon (egg cream) with sweet Muscat. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent quads or scooters from the tavern and tour the surrounding area.


Tavern Rogočana
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Sage Trail and St. Lucy’s Pilgrimage

Located on the southernmost part of Labin area peninsula, Skitača village is especially beautiful in spring and winter. In May and June, Sage trail offers the unforgettable sight of purple-blue jacket on the slopes with a breathtaking view of the bay, the islands of Cres and Lošinj.  Learn all about sage used for centuries to treat coughs, for the production of medicinal spirits and as spice in meat dishes for better digestion. Besides the sage honey beekeepers collect in this area, its essential oil is used in Sentona’s wellness treatments and natural cosmetics production.

Many pilgrims arrive at nearby trail of St. Lucy’s, celebrated on the 13th of December, and also the patroness of the parish church built in 1616. According to legend, St. Lucy has asked the locals to raise a church on the site. They kept delaying her wish, so the saint climbed a nearby hill, sat on a rock and cried. She was tired and sad, and soon fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning, she saw a hole full of water (školnica in the local dialect) and washed my face. Since then, water from školnica has never dried up, and numerous pilgrims arrive to St. Lucy, the patroness of visually impaired and the blind. The well is located above the village, near Brdo hilltop, which offers panoramic views of the islands of Cres and Lošinj, cape Kamenjak and mouth of the River Raša. On the other side of the village, five minutes from the mountaineering house, there’s a path leading to the top Orlić (470 m), offering the best view of Labin, Rabac, Učka and Kvarner Bay.

Distance: Labin - Skitača 20 km. Follow the road from Labin to Brgod and Brovinje to Skitača.
Sage trail length 2 km
St. Lucy’s trail length 1.5 km

Baron Lazzarini and Saint Martin wines

Feel the 19th century Labin area rural spirit at the village of Sveti Martin and visit the Lazzarini- Battiala palace, built in 1797 as part of baroque country- side castle, originally owned by the last Labin landlord baron Lazzarini. Baron Nikola Lazzarini was an agronomist and took care of the large estates from his castle, alongside t which, alongside the residential area, also included stables, barns, and large cellars with fine wines sorted by origin and year of production.  Visit a tavern with open fireplace (by appointment) and enjoy a glass of homemade Malvasia or Teran, breakfast and dinner with local food and spend the night in one of six country-style apartments. Pottery workshops are also available (Details and registration prior to arrival). It’s especially festive at Sveti Martin on the 11th November, at the feast of the eponymous saint, the patron of winemakers, vine growers and horsemen. Don’t miss ordering a glass of Malvasia, Pinot and Merlot by San Martino, whose label shows a stylized figure of a prancing horse.

Distance: Labin - Sveti Martin 10 km
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Pineta Castle

Next to the country palace Lazzarini – Battiala there is a castle that belonged to the said noble family, and today is an integral part of Kaštel Pineta agritourism. The property is named after the pine forest (pineta in the local dialect). The unforgettable experience of organized horseback riding in nature with a guide is available by appointment, followed by relaxing in the indoor pool overlooking the village and enjoying traditional dishes prepared with nature fruits from the family farm and homemade goat cheese. There is also a wine cellar with Malvasia and Merlot, as well as fifteen different tastes of homemade brandy made by the Radičanin family.

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