Family Fun

Seize the day and find entertainment for the whole family on an exciting half-day and full-day excursions. In Rabac, search for dolphins and dive in a semi-submarine or sail on fish picnic and visit the Blue Cave on the island of Cres. In the village of Šumber look around the bio-farm with many animals, ride horses near Labin Old town, enjoy the best Istrian adrenaline park at Barban, discover the cave kingdom near Žminj and head down a zip line above Pazin cave. Everything’s at your fingertips in Istria and within 80 km from Rabac and Labin you can enjoy the water parks Istralandia, Aquacolors and exciting Dinopark with attractive life-size dinosaurs.


Half-day Excursions

Sea Adventures

Discover the colorful underwater world of Rabac bay in attractive day and night ride in a yellow semi-submarine with an underwater cabin. Get to know the rich flora and fauna of Kvarner bay from numerous boat trips from Rabac. You can go in search of dolphins, have a fish picnic and discover the secrets of the Blue Cave on the island of Cres, or head for a romantic sailing from Rabac waterfront and discover the nearby bays from a wooden sailing ship.

Semi-submarine / MS Monsun and MS Fliper, Rabac
Working hours of the semi-submarine:
May - October:  9 AM - 00 PM (hourly)

TA Monsun, Rabac
Obala Maršala Tita bb

M +385 (0)91 518 9302
T +385 (0)52 872 428

Travel agency Invicta
Obala M. Tita bb, Rabac

T +385 (0)52 880 240, 858 316
M +385 (0)95 822 0263, (0)98 779 269

M +385 (0)95 523 1697

M +385 (0)91 790 4034

Sentona's Gardens

The local goddess Sentona is a symbol of protection, beauty and fertility. She provides refreshment and relaxation to all visitors coming to Labin area. Meet its natural beauties and soothe with the fruits of her country on a half-day tour ‘Sentona’s gardens’. The trip starts early in the morning by visiting Negri family olive-grove, located near Brgod village above Trget. After a pleasant walk through the olive-grove and introduction with the process of making extra virgin olive oil, the next station is Kukurini village located at the foot of the medieval town of Pićan, with a visit to one of the Baćac's family vineyards. The tour around vineyards is followed by a visit to the old and new wine cellars, tasting of home-made brandy, Čepić’s Zlata family dairy cheese, Negri olive oil, Istrian prosciutto and Malvasia (white wine) Calypsa Histria and Teran (red wine) Calypsa Nera guided by award winning wine maker Goran Baćac. Dessert includes pićonske kroštule (sweet pastry) and Muscat dessert wine, accordion sounds and dance. Return to Rabac and Labin is scheduled in the early afternoon.

The trip is organized on request for a minimum of 10 people.

Atlas Rabac d.o.o., Travel agency

T +385 (0)52 872 268
M +385 (0)98 9133 829
skype ID: atlas.rabac

Horseback Riding in Labin

Try out horseback riding with experienced professional riders try and enjoy the views of Labin and Rabac. Upon leaving Labin Old town for Presika, visit the ranch offering organized horseback riding for children and adults. President of the Equestrian Club Astra Rafaela Kranjac Zupičić will give you all the information about these precious animals and the beauty of recreational riding in the untouched nature.

By appointment only (one-day notice). Horseback riding in the countryside is available for experienced riders only, maximum 4 people.

Presika 121, Labin

M +385 (0)91 2547 224

Bio Farm Drijade

Feel the primal love of humans and animals on the bio farm Drijade in the romantic village of Šumber. All the animals on this cheerful farm have names. There are around seventy goats, boškarinke (Istrian cattle breed) Učka and Sentona, horses, a cute Vietnamese pig Roža with her piglets, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs, and the entire property is developed according to the principles of sustainability and permaculture. Guided tour includes taking part in grazing goats and even adopting them, thus helping farm sustainability. During the tour, listen to a lecture on organic livestock production, see the presentation of working with animals and enjoy a horseback ride with a guide. Goat's milk and cheese, goat curd and whey and natural goat manure for gardening are all available from the farm.

Guided tour: by appointment only.
Distance Labin - Šumber 12 km

OPG Hela Liverić
Šumber 20, hemlet Juršeti, Nedešćina

M +385 (0)91 219 2090

Glavani park

Get ready for the adrenaline rush that will stimulate all your senses in the best adventure park in Istria, in a quiet village Glavani near Barban. Besides the best and highest climbing path on ropes between the trees, there is also an animal park with goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and their offspring. Choose from three routes of varying difficulty and two bonus routes ending with a 113 m zip line, a 3G swing with an 11 m height free fall, a suspension bridge and the Zorb Ball.

Distance from Labin 21 km
The park is open all year, every day from 9 AM to 8 PM

Glavani park
Glavani 10, Barban

Feštini Kingdom Cave

In the heart of Istria, next to Feštini village near Žminj the Feštini Kingdom Cave stands out for its natural beauties. Entering the cave, you hear the harmonious sound of droplets that create wonderful underground treasures reflected in small pools of water from time immemorial. The cave is equipped with approximately 100 m long safe walkways and delights with its various dripstone forms, such as: ‘The Magician's Hat','The Tower of Babylon’, and the huge'Bat Wings' with vine roots growing over it, drawing water from the bottom of the cave. Apart from the beauty of the underworld, enjoy the Arcadian landscape with a mini farm, kids playground and a café. Guided tours are available in Croatian, Italian, English and German.

Distance from Labin 27 km

April, May, October: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 AM to 6 PM
Other days: by appointment only
June- September: Every day from 10 AM to 6 PM

Feštinsko kraljevstvo
Feštini, Žminj

Zip Line Pazin Cave

Feel the freedom and hover above Pazin Cave in an exciting Zip Line adventure. The exciting ride on cables with pulleys takes place in two lines of 220 and 280 m length, offering spectacular views of the Pazin Castle and the river Pazinčica abyss, the setting of Jules Verne’s adventure novel 'Mathias Sandorf'.  The ride is individual, suitable for adults and children.

Distance from Labin 34 km

Open: May  1st - September 30th 2015
Opening hours: daily 12 AM - 8 PM

Šime Kurelića 4, Pazin

All-day Excursions

Waterpark Istralandia

Amusement waterpark with 20 slides, located between Brtonigla and Novigrad, offers fun for all ages. Slides of various shapes, covered slides reminiscent of tubes, slides with rubber boats, a wave pool with a water castle, sprayers and playrooms and a high steep slide for the bravest, will give you a memorable fun experience. Except the adrenaline part, there is also an open-air  relax zone with food and snacks, and numerous additional features: Zumba, fitness, cycling in the water, Latin American dance classes, swimming and diving courses,  beach volleyball tournaments, Foam-party and magic performances.

Distance from Labin 82 km
Open: May 30th - September 13th 2015

Aquapark Istralandia
Nova Vas, Brtonigla

Aquacolors Poreč

One of the most sophisticated waterparks in Europe is located 2 km from Poreč near Zelena Laguna resort and offers up to 17 different attractions. Besides 13 slides, the water park includes four types of waterslides: adrenaline, fun, relax and kids, distinguished by light effects. Magicone adrenaline waterslide is only for the bravest, with 20 m high and 28 m wide transient ramp. For an unruffled entertainment there are Family Rafting Slide, Slide Body and Multi-slide, while relax zone offers wave pool with waves and 500 m long ‘lazy river’ sailing. Children will enjoy Kids' Tower, Mushroom and Turtle slides. Between the pool and slides there are sundeck and resting area, shops and restaurants. Relax zone also includes beach volleyball ground, a rodeo bull, a boxing ring, surfing simulator, water football and trampoline.

Distance from Labin 66 km
Open: May 16th - September 30th 2015

Aquacolors Poreč
Molindrio 18, Poreč

Dinopark Funtana

Head out on a journey into the ancient past and step into the world of prehistoric dinosaurs in a theme park with life-size dinosaurs. In an old quarry with moving dinosaurs you can ride a dinosaur while plays and fun activities visually and acoustically evoke those strange creatures that ruled our planet for millions of years. In the Cretaceous Age (80-140 million years ago), there were dinosaurs walking around the Istrian peninsula. In 1992, a diver Dario Boscarolli from Monfalcone accidentally discovered bones on the seabed near Bale. It is the first and so far only discovery of dinosaur bones in the entire Mediterranean. The discovered bones speak of the existence of at least ten species of dinosaurs. One of them is the Brachiosaurus, an herbivore, one of the largest that existed on Earth, whose body length was 20 to 25 m, and its neck was almost 10 m long. Variety Circus and Magic Show are performed daily in the show arena. There is a Dino cinema, Dino shooting range, children's train and trampolines, and you have the opportunity to see daily performances by the Flying Devils driving motor on the wire set 25 m above the ground.

The plays are performed from May 23rd to September 6th 2015. All shows and entertainment are admission free.

Distance from Labin 62 km
Open: March 28th - September 30th 2015

Dinopark Funtana
Istarska 16, Funtana

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