Newsletter 2019

Start of the Labin Carnival, New Look of Baćac Winery, Project INSPIRATION, Healthy Winter with Honey from Labin, 2019 Bike and Trail Races Labin / Rabac, 2019 Museum Night, the National Museum of Labin

Carnival in Labin in February and March, Valentine's Day at the New La Loggia Hotel, The New Kvarner Restaurant Menu, Dubrova Sculpture Park Novelties, Love by the Sea, Labin Ceramics Inspired by Istrian Mythology Tradition

Labin Republic, Hello Spring – Night Hiking to Skitača, Exhibition Otisci ('The Prints') by Davor Kliman, Labin Town Gallery, Wedding at Villa Annette, Divine Springs Trail Rabac - Labin, Matthias Flacius Illyricus

Labin Spring Gourmet Rhapsody - Days of Asparagus and Cuttlefish, 100 Miles of Istria, Labin, 12. - 14. 4., The 16th Long Walk Day, Labin, 20. 4., Easter Brunch, Rabac, 21. 4., Helter Skelter MTB Marathon, Rabac, 27. 4., Terra Albona Primavera...

The Fourth Kvarner Shrimp Festival, Rabac, May 25, Labin Republic Regatta, Rabac, May 18, Rabac Diving Treasure, Labin Countryside Arcadia, Get Fit in May, Massimo Live in Concert Opens the Third Rabac Open Air Festival, Rabac, June 15 – August 29

Petrova Fest - Concert by Nina Badrić and Kawasaki 3P, Labin, 29. 6., Summer Carnival, Rabac, 15. 6., Rabac Open Air Festival, Rabac, 21. 6., Labin Old Town Night Tour, 11. 6. – 10. 9., Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac, 14. 6. – 13. 9., Enoteca Terra Labin

Massimo Live in Concert, Rabac, 5 July, Labin Jazz Festival 10 -12 July / Amira Medunjanin Live in Concert, Labin, 25 July, Shpeena DOX'19, Labin, 18 – 20 July, The Fifty-first Labinski konti, Labin, July 27, Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac...

Goran Karan Live in Concert, 15. 8., Labin, Istria Inspirit / Rabac Open Air Festival, 3. and 10. 8., Rabac, Sundance Tribute Festival, 2., 9. and 16. 8., Rabac, Circus in the City, Labin - Rabac Panorama 360°, ARSIA Souvenir Shop

Valamar Terra Magica, 15 September, Rabac, Terra Albona Autunno, 22 September, Labin, Valamar Trail, 28 September, Rabac, Rabac Regatta, 28 September, Rabac, Istrian Lifestyle, 6 and 13 September, Rabac,...

CRO Race, Rabac - Labin, 5. 10., Kvarner Swim Challenge 2019, Krk - Cres - Rabac, 11. – 12. 10., Searching the St. Florentius’ Gold, Hotel Peteani, Mushroom Treasures, Headboard Photo Stories

Labin Honey Days, Labin, November 23 - 24, Labin National Museum News, Labin Mining Heritage Indigenous Souvenirs, Dishes and Experiences, Lighthouse in Rabac, Dubrova Sculpture Park News

Advent in Labin, The New Terra Residence Hotel in Labin, New Menus at Tomažići Restaurant, Labin Olive Oils in 2020 Flos Olei, St. Barbara and Mining Heritage, Ecomuseum Vlaški Puti Opens in Šušnjevica