February in Labin and Rabac

Labin Carnival

Labin Carnival Association Labinjonska kompanija, domoća folšarija, their friends Farabuti and the carnival associations from the Labin area, who have been holding the town keys in their hands since January, traditionally take care of the most fun season of the year. After raising Pust doll, the main culprit for all the troubles of the past year, Labin masquerades with the theme More bez škovaci/Waste Free Sea point to a global problem of marine pollution. The rich carnival program in Labin begins on 1 February at noon with a Children's parade, starting from the Bus Station to Zelenice, where all groups are presented. On Wednesday, 19 February, the masquerades will visit Liče Faraguna SEN Centre, and the central event will be a large carnival parade on Saturday, 22 February. The parade starts at 3 pm from Kature towards Zelenice where over 500 participants are expected. After the presentation of all carnival groups, the Pust doll will be sentenced and burned, followed by a dance party at Me Gusta café. The program ends on 25 February with the Children's Masquerade party at Lamparna from 5 to 8 pm.


Valentine's Day in Labin Restaurants

Show your feelings to your loved ones through Valentine's Day gastro delicacies in Labin restaurants. On the most “lovelicious” day of the year, look for specially created menus and surprise yourself and your loved ones with unusual flavours. Check the offer at restaurants Velo kafe, Kvarner, Due Fratelli, Ferali, Markus, Dorina and others. Try traditional Istrian specialties in a new love attire.


Underwater Adventure Heaven

Girandella Diving Centre, located within the Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence, offers unforgettable underwater adventures all year round in the Rabac waters and surroundings. In addition to diving courses for children and diving beginners, they also organize excursions to attractive diving positions such as Golubjera, Cape Babina and the wreck of the English ship Lina sunk at 50 m deep in the Kvarner Bay. Get to know the most common fish of our coast: octopus, red snapper, crabs, sea bream, conger and the colourful world of underwater reefs, canyons and large gorgonians, some of which are up to 1 m high. Depending on your diving skills and experience you can choose from a variety of dive depths and boat trips.


Napoli Pizzeria New Gastro Delights

Entering the year 2020 the most popular pizzeria in Labin Old town has a new gastronomic offer. With a selection of over 40 types of pizza, you can now taste dishes dedicated to the mining heritage of Labin. The miner's marenda (brunch) made of sausages, potatoes and eggs is served on weekdays until 1pm, and the rich meat miner’s pizza is ideal for tasting after a tour around the Old town and exploring the glorious mining past of the Labin Republic. From now on, you can also taste the gold of Istrian forests, truffles, in a juicy black beef burger with truffle mayonnaise and truffle cheese, or truffled potatoes with chicken legs. Vegetarians will be delighted by the new Terra pizza with Istrian curd and spinach and veggie toast. Homemade green pljukanci (kind of pasta) with chicken in sage sauce will draw you to come in spring to the Sage Trail on Skitača where you can see all the splendour of sage in bloom. And for dessert there are homemade Labin krafi, a traditional dish of our region.
7 Titov trg, Labin Old town
T + 385 (0) 52 852 261


Giuseppina Martinuzzi Legacy Restored

Celebrating the 176th anniversary of the birth of the most famous Labin woman, pedagogue, writer and revolutionary, Giuseppina Martinuzzi, born on 14 February, 1844 in Labin, has a special significance this year as her legacy is returned to her hometown. The legacy consists of 23 volumes that include archival material, library and museum material that discusses Giuseppina's work and political engagement. This legacy, taken from the University Library in Rijeka, enriched the exhibition fund of the National Museum of Labin, where you can see a department dedicated to this Labin visionary and one of the first socialists in the world, and other valuable exhibits that she left to her hometown in which she died in 1925.


Create Your Experiences

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