Labin-Rabac tourist board


Aldo Negri 20
HR-52220 LABIN
Tel/fax: +385(52)855 560; 854 886



Titov Trg 2/1
HR-52220 LABIN
Tel/fax: +385(52)852 399


At the main office and the info point of the Labin-Rabac tourist board you can find the information about:

  • tourist offer, activities and attractions in Labin and Rabac;
  • cultural, entertainment and sports events in the local destination;
  • tourist publications: various brochures, city and other maps;
  • other information regarding the local tourist offer and the tourism development;
  • check in and check out procedures and residence tax payment

Labin-Rabac tourist board has been founded for the purpose of promoting and improving the local tourism and the economic interests of all enterpreneurs providing accommodation, food and beverage service and tourism related services or activities directly associated with tourism (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 152/08) and the Labin-Rabac Tourist Board Statute (Town of Labin Official Gazette 19/09).

Tourist board tasks

The most important tasks of the municipal or town tourist board are:

  • promoting the local tourist destination independently or through joint advertising campaigns;
  • participating in the process of defining the goals and policies concerning the development of tourism at the local destination level;
  • participating in the process of creating the conditions for efficient coordination of the private and public sectors;
  • encouraging optimization and balancing of economic, social and enviromental benefits;
  • encouraging and participating in improving various conditions for the tourists visiting the local destination, except the construction of utility infrastructure;
  • collecting and updating information concerning the tourism offer such as accommodation, food & beverage and all other offer relevant for the visitors and performing information activities related to the tourism offer;
  • encouraging and organizing cultural, entertainment, sports and other events enriching the local tourism offer;
  • encouraging, organizing and conducting campaigns aimed at preserving and improving the tourist and overall environment, as well as the cultural and natural heritage;
  • encouraging, improving and promoting specific local natural and social values that contribute to the local destination recognizability and creating the conditions for their economic exploitation;
  • organizing, implementing and monitoring all activities related to the promotion of the tourist product of the local destination in accordance with the guidelines of the Tourist Board Assembly and the Tourist Board Annual Activities Program and Financial Plan;
  • Tourist Board participates in the implementation of the County Tourist Board activities which are of the joint interest to all county tourism subjects.

Labin-Rabac Tourist Board bodies are: the Assembly, the Tourist Council and the President. The President of the Tourist Board is the Mayor of Labin.
The Tourist Board operates on the basis of its Annual Work Program and Financial Plan which is prepared by the Tourist Council and passed to the Tourist Bord Assembly for approval and confirmation.
The Tourist Board activities are mainly financed from the tourist tax and tourist board membership fees but also from other sources.
The Tourist Board Office based in Labin, A.Negri 20, is the professional service performing the administrative and all other operations related to the tasks of the Tourist Board.