Sentona – saint patron of travellers

‘Labin’s goddess Sentona – saint patron of travelers’ is the new tourist brand of Labin and Rabac.  Sentona marks quality, tradition, authenticity and naturalness of Labin area.  Enjoy your vacation and discover Sentona’s gifts in authentic healthy menus offered in local restaurants, treat yourself with relax wellness treatments with natural cosmetics rich in local essential oils.


A native Liburnian goddess Sentona worshiped in Labin and the whole area between Plomin and Raša stands as the symbol of this project. The name Sentona can be read on the 1st and 2nd century Roman votive monuments exhibited in Labin National Museum.  This goddess is a symbol of protection, beauty and fertility that provides refreshment and relaxation to all visitors.



April 2012.
Labin Tourist Board has issued a new map of trails and paths in Labin area which promotes the natural beauties and historical and cultural heritage of Labin, Rabac and their surroundings. Along with an overview map with seven paths and walking trails marked by distinctive colors, the guests can also read short stories, legends, and interesting facts related to a particular path and trail. Divine Springs Trail, Sage Trail, Hidden Charms Promenade and protected landscape area of Sentona's Trail Labin - Rabac are a must-see for all nature lovers and sports amateurs. Discover the legend of buried Roman treasure on St. Florentius’ Trail in Kranjci, and walk down the Trail of Holy Women to explore the beauties of the local religious heritage.


March 2012.
The new tourism project run by Labin Tourist Board ‘Labin’s Goddess Sentona’ got another visual identity in the original goddess Sentona’s gown. The dress, which is aimed to be worn by animators, guides and Rabac wellness managers, was designed by Eni Surijan, the local high fashion designer. The dress was promoted by a model Nikolina Miletić who took a pose at the National Museum with the archaeological remains dedicated to Sentona. Walking through the streets of Labin old town, Nikolina embodied with her divine appearance the beauty, tenderness and mysticism of the goddess Sentona. Other than costumed and promotional purposes, this elegant beige dress with a green belt and handmade cornel buckle is also created as souvenir clothing. The hood and sleeves are removable so that the airy dress can instantly be transformed into an ideal creation for a summer night out or a romantic dinner.


February 2012.
Labin Tourist Board has chosen the new logo as a part of a new tourist project 'Goddess Sentona - Labin / Rabac divine destination'. It is designed by Ivona Verbanac, a graphic designer and multimedia artist from Labin, who used a local sage leaf as an inspiration in creating Sentona’s logo. The patron of travelers will give presents to the guests, provide them with refreshments and relaxation of the local indigenous products and original souvenirs, interesting tourist trips and new footpaths and walkways, special wellness programs and massages with local essential oils, and ‘Divine menus’ with traditional dishes of this area. This project presents Labin and Rabac as a destination for pleasure, naturalness, health and balance of body and spirit.